Pepakura Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body Core Models


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Hi everyone, lately I've been working hard on a new project, both of these still need to be unfolded and so far I'm about half way through unfolding the Atlas Core then on to P-Body. After I finish unfolding these two I'll be doing the other Cores with textures. When the Atlas and P-Body are unfolded they will have the game textures applied to them as well. Expect both unfolded models by the end of next week. Until then enjoy these two photos.


I'm interested to see how this turns out, I wonder if you'll get more interest than I do with my Turret thread. :p
I know these two Cores will be a lot easier than the rest of the Cores I'll be doing in the future like the Space Core, Personality Core, etc. big are they relatively in the game? I've never played it, just seen my son have at it. Are they somewhat human sized or small?
This is Chell (the character you play) with P-body


Here's another one with all 3

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That's not them in thier Core form, but yes I have them in that size as well not sure if I'll try to unfold the full sized ones though.
If you play the coop of Portal 2 as the host, you can see blueprints of the bots and the Atlas one has his height from bottom to top of antenna at 73.3006 I am assuming that's in inches since it's the only thing that'll make sense. The 3d file in game is also 73.3+- units tall (it's off by a few microns).

In case anyone is still interested.
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