Pepakura help (yes I already tired the pepakura help thread)


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I'm working on making a guy manuel helmet. I downloaded dungbeetlez pepkura file and printed it out, but apparently my printer doesnt use the right size paper? It gives me the option to rescale it but that makes the pieces far too small! Help please!
Make sure you have the page set for letter or A4 depending on the paper and your printer and make sure that the page alignment is set to either landscape or portrait depending on the file and you should be good.
Also try Manually arranging your parts or adding them to new pages, go into your page setup and minimize your margin. This should give you the the space you need. If that still does not help, you may have to make some larger int two or three pieces. This is a bit late but should help those who happen across this thread in the future.
I'll throw a bit of info out here.

I actually built the helmet in question a couple weeks back, and the printer re-sized it as you mentioned above, way too small to even come close to beign accurate.

In the end, I had to just scrap the project, because the way the pep file was unfolded didn't allow for some of the parts to fit on the paper correctly.

That might be my lack of knowledge with the pepakura program, but even when I fiddled with the scale and such, it still wasn't able to fit.

Not that this is anything you haven't found out about already.

My advice would be to give another of the Guy helmet pepakura models a try.
If you do scale it higher and some parts don't fully fit, use the join/disjoin function and separate the bigger parts into smaller and move them to fit.

If your printer asks to resize, check no. And as others have said, make sure if your printer is A4 or letter, landscape or portrait and adjust accordingly.
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