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Hello, I am just starting in Pepakura and I am making a helmet and was wondering for a adult size helmet what should the scale be set at in Pepakura Designer? Thanks.


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um that depends on the helmet file?
they are not all made the same size

best way, measure your head via a mirror and a ruler in height, add an inch, convert that to mm and put that in the height tab
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Sorry about my poor english. I would try to be clear, ok ?!

I think that every person has different measures. The diameter of my head is 60 cm. Don´t call me "big head" , ok ?!!:lol

I´m starting to use Pepakura too, (really noob :)) and I already read about "perfect scaling" and I think that each one says something different from the other.

The "perfec scaling" is that fits perfect in you. So...print...glue...test. Don´t fit perfect ? Increase the values and try again.

gives a lot of work, but at the end...Works !! :thumbsup

i hope i have helped you.

a hug and regards from Brazil.


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I'd like to rescale my CLU helmet pdo and not sure, I have a fully pepped model and it's definitely too big, I'm going to try to bring it down and inch and see result, when I rescale the 2d images don't seem to fit on my a4 cardstock they are all on the place :S
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