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I model 3d files and turn them in to pepakura files for prop and costume making. I mostly model helmet files and some armor files. New files will be added periodically when I have time. If you are interested in a commission file please send me a PM with the character's name and any reference images that you may have. I will let you know if I have time or if the commission is possible to do and the price. For any of my files please send me a PM for payment information and instructions. Also I asked that you please be patient when receiving the files after you send payment because I have a full time job and I am a single father which does not allow me to be as active and quick responding as people would expect.

************ My files will be password locked to prevent digital recasters claiming my modeled file as their own. I will not be giving out the password to my files so DON'T ask. Also I do not condone sharing or selling my files. If I find that someone has shared or sold my files then you will be reported to the admin and I will not sell anything to you ever again. If you need a file resized then please send me measurements or information on how much bigger or smaller you would like the file to be. I will rescale the file for you and send it to your email for no extra charge since I am password locking my files. All my files will be unfolded and oriented in pepakura ready to print on standard letter size paper. Also if you use other size paper then please let me know when you send the payment so I can change the setting and send the correct settings to you. All my files are scaled in pepakura to fit an average body of 5' 7" - 5' 9" with an average head size of 23" - 24" around. ***************************

All helmet files are $15 USD. Full suit files are $70 USD. Half mask/visor files are $10 USD.

I also have a shop through Shapeways with some of the helmets that I sell in pepakura form on there and some models that I don't have listed for pepakura. The models are smoothed and thickened for printing so no work is required if anyone is interested in taking a look. Here is the website:


New Files added: 09/11/2015


  • MMPR White ranger suit.jpg
    MMPR White ranger suit.jpg
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  • Robocop finished .jpg
    Robocop finished .jpg
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  • MMPR Time Force ranger helmets.jpg
    MMPR Time Force ranger helmets.jpg
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  • MMPR Shenkin ranger helmets.jpg
    MMPR Shenkin ranger helmets.jpg
    1.1 MB · Views: 929
  • MMPR Light Speed ranger helmet.jpg
    MMPR Light Speed ranger helmet.jpg
    1.1 MB · Views: 639
  • MMPR Abare dino ranger helmets.jpg
    MMPR Abare dino ranger helmets.jpg
    897.5 KB · Views: 513
  • MMPR Mega Force Ranger helmets.jpg
    MMPR Mega Force Ranger helmets.jpg
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  • Cobra Commander helmets.jpg
    Cobra Commander helmets.jpg
    751.7 KB · Views: 616
  • Ironman helmets.jpg
    Ironman helmets.jpg
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  • Neo Viper helemts.jpg
    Neo Viper helemts.jpg
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  • Snake eyes helmet and visor.jpg
    Snake eyes helmet and visor.jpg
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  • MMPR Ninja Storm helmets.jpg
    MMPR Ninja Storm helmets.jpg
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  • MMPR Psycho Ranger helmet.jpg
    MMPR Psycho Ranger helmet.jpg
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  • MMPR Zyu Ranger helmets and shield.jpg
    MMPR Zyu Ranger helmets and shield.jpg
    1.2 MB · Views: 698
  • AOT Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem mask color.jpg
    AOT Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem mask color.jpg
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  • Movie pep files.jpg
    3.5 MB · Views: 1,217
  • Last Man Standing Helmets.jpg
    Last Man Standing Helmets.jpg
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  • MMPR Zeo helmets.jpg
    MMPR Zeo helmets.jpg
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  • Mortal Kombat movie mask.jpg
    Mortal Kombat movie mask.jpg
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  • Snake Eyes Retaliation suit.jpg
    Snake Eyes Retaliation suit.jpg
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  • Red Hood Helmet versions.JPG
    Red Hood Helmet versions.JPG
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  • Comic mask.jpg
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I would like red hood version 2 if you have it. I do not wish to copy or repost as my own. I'm working on a project of my own and I believe it's your version that is the closest to what I'm looking for. And I was wondering how I would be able to get the file cause I have no paypal.


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All helmet files are $15. Half mask/Visor files are $10. I updated the thread with the prices for the Half mask/Visor files.


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Hey man, I'd like to buy your Arrow season 2 deathstroke mask file. Can you PM me with your info on how I can pay you for it? Thanks man.


Hi BlackKaos,

Alpha11348 from deviantART here. I'm sending you a PM about the RedX mask. Feel free to disregard the DA message :$.

Thank you!
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