Pepakura + Fiberglass= Durable for airsoft??

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by C0leTrain, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. C0leTrain

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    The title says it all. I'm wanting to make my own Red Hood helmet, not only for cosplay, but also for airsoft. I haven't attempted to make it yet for the most obvious reason being that I'm not sure if it will withstand airsoft or not. The pepakura and fiberglass method is good for cosplay and there's no doubt about that, but will it help me with airsoft as well? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. trooper150

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    Polyester resin is a very hard material.If you put more layers of this kayak050.jpg [i don't know how to call it in it fiberglass:lol.i am not sure:facepalm.] you can make it as hard as you want.I think you can make it hard enough to use it at airsoft games. BUT make sure you test it before using it in the game.Safety allways comes first.The best thing about polyester resin is that you can always repair you creation it if it gets damaged.I hope these are helpfull.Give it a try.Pepakura is a very nice activity.I personally love it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  3. stigmorgan

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    thats fibreglass matt, use several layers with the resin, either epoxy or polyester (epoxy will have less of an unpleasant smell), as trooper said test it first, the more layers you put in the stronger it will become, ive used this to repair motorcycle plastics after crashing.
  4. mattycsi

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    A quick search on airsoft helmets shows that they seem to be made of fibreglass. &nbsp;Lay up enough matt or cloth and you should be ok, especially with some comfort padding behind it too. &nbsp;With a pep one though it might be quite heavy an uncomfortable with all the bondo on there. It may be worth molding and casting in gel coat and fibreglass, would be much lighter, even with a good few layers.<br><br>Like these guys said though, test first and also be mindful of what your going to use in the lenses, thats your biggest worry. &nbsp;An airsoft pellet in the head will hurt like **** but is unlikely to kill you, one in the eye could blind you though.
  5. Jacobus

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    I play paintball a fair bit and am looking into airsoft and I myself was thinking about this, what I plan to do is make the make I want to use and use safety glasses already approved underneath, that way if the mask doesn't hold up as planned then I'm still protected in the eye area by approved safety ware. Hope this helps (although they should hold up it's always better to be safe than sorry)
  6. Dracosfire83

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    Since this thread hasn't been locked yet due too the safety concerns that this is a prop and costuming forum and no one can verify the the safety or skill of anyone attempting to make there own safety gear. I just want to add is also a waste of time. No respectable paintball/airsoft establishment is going to let you on their property with homemade equipment just for liability alone.
  7. acesh007

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    Just to piggy back on this, you are going to lose a lot of field of vision with this mask. You are going to lose all your peripheral vision. I dont paintball or airsoft but have a little bit of experience in this arena, I don't think it is very practical.

  8. teragon

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    I don't know the rules about airsoft in the US, but as long as the proper safety eyewear is worn under this homemade mask (or integrated in it), there are no safety concerns. Most people play airsoft with just glasses or goggles, so wearing a mask homemade or not is certainly not gonna be worst than taking a 400 fps bb to the face.
    As for visibility, I played a lot with an Army of Two mask (certified airsoft mask) with a steel mesh instead of clear lenses, and while your peripheral vision is indeed reduced, you don't loose it all and it's still very playable. Plus you don't get hurt in the face.
  9. sp1derman

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  10. Judge Spartan

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    I personally wouldn't do it though it would look cool. Consider using kevlar mat instead of fiberglass mat, much stronger and you need fewer layers. you can buy it right on Ebay but like the others above, not recommended. ALL liability is on you..
  11. Mystagon

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    what are you going to use as your model for the helmet?
  12. C0leTrain

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    I haven't been on in MONTHS, lol. But I plan on using a Red Hood pepakura file, or perhaps maybe Deathstroke pepakura file for it. IF I ever get around to making it.

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