Pepakura Dredd Helmet Build


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Just a quick post to thank Dung0Beetle and Blaxmyth for their Dredd Helmet Pepakura file.

This is the first pep i have ever attempted and i learnt a lot (and made a lot of mistakes).


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Excellent work!.....I sold my finished build before I got to the second layer.....see my sig....your build looks good....did you enjoy the sanding of body filler...???:lol
Wow, such a nice finish.
This was inspirational,. I need to finish mine,. but I got stuck in the sanding,. Ohhh the sanding...

How did you get the nice extra hight,. I see some squares there,. Is it just wood? Did you cover them or remove them?


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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

RogueTrooper - The bodyfiller was "uncooperative" :D. Joking aside I bought a mouse sander during making this and that was a godsend. It was also the first time I have used spot filler, really helped sharpen the lines.

MaarekSteele - Extra Height? Do you mean the raised edge with foam tape (third image from top left) I used those squares (which were just foam tape) as height markers while applying the bondo. This was one of my many mistakes and removed them for further bondo applications


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It seems like a few forum members that have tried this, but got sick of the sanding, sanding and more sanding (did I mention the sanding?).

I started this around xmas and left it alone for months because I was sick of looking at it. I remember times when the paper model would show through the bondo and the more you sanded it down the rougher it got. I had to grind out the offending area with a dremel and refill it with auto filler.

Then there was time I masked off and spray painted the red "band". It went on perfectly - sharp lines, no overspray. Then I went over it with clear coat and the surface went all "crackly". I think I was painting when it was too cold. I was so angry I nearly smashed the helmet.

I totally understand the sentiments of the above comments.Before this I had done a few foam pepakura helmets (Batman, Captain America) and I can see why its become popular. A LOT faster and easier than the cardboard/bondo method
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