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Whats up everyone? Im new 2 this costume modeling and prop making world. Im starting off with an Iron man Mark III helmet. But I ran in 2 a little problem when printing out the pep file. I was scaling it 2 the size I think might work for me and when I go 2 print it out a message saying it need 2 be scale to I hit yes. when it printed 1 of the pieces was cut off and the edge ID numbers on some pieces were over lapping each other(mainly on the small pieces). Is there any way I can fix this problem? The pep file Im using is modeled by Sharkhead 7854, default scale is 1.00, landscape, unfolded by Dbean33, and H: 262mm.

Thanx 4 yall help

Ps thanx 2 the guys from TheHeroTutorials.
Thanx was still acting kind of funny but its my first build so im just gonna go with it and use it as a learning experience. Thanx again
It will ask that question everytime you go to print a file if it has any pieces in the margin lines for the 2D development. most of the time it's also that the file is set to A4 and not Letter if you live in the US that's under the print settings.
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