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Hey Guys....

I have been traveling around the world for work, and have found myself in a lull right now. Of course, home away from home is the RPF, and when I was looking through some of the amazing threads here, I realised how much I missed propmaking and building.

So heres where I ask for help. I would love to get back into things, and I thought some paper (pep) props would be a great way to start up. Its just that I have no idea where to start!

Dont know something... ask the experts! :)

So, whats a good pep prop project to start with? The simpler the better, but I think I will sneak some prints from the office printer when no one is looking!

Ideas and comments are appreciated! I'll show you what the results are too...
Links to project files are ideal!

Thanks in advance...

Movie props are a good call. Star Wars is what got me into prop building. Not looking at making armour at this time. Just want a few small projects that I can turn to when I have some down time.
Unfortunately I dont have my tools here, so Pep looks like a great alternative!

Take this with a grain of salt, because I've never actually done any pepping. But from the files and projects I've seen, I think maybe an Iron man face plate would be a good starting place. You'd learn about the different lines and tab's in a small scale with not too much paper wasted if you mess it up..
The face mask from IronMan is a great suggestion. I know there was a template floating around the RPF back in the day, can anyone point me to it? I looked around the net but didn't have much luck!

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