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Hi guys i have loads of pep files from space marines through to mortal kombat, if anyone is need of files ask and i might have, the only one i dont have and am trying to find is green goblin, i'll put some up in next day or too and if you want more request if i got them your welcome to have them cheers
I have the green goblin helmet pep file. I believe it was produced by dungbeetle. PM me with an e mail addre4ss and i will send it to you.

Spider spider burning bright In the forest of the night... What imortal hand or eye could fram thy fearfull symetry?

has anyone got a green goblin pep file ?
few other files if the link wont work i'll email them link seems to play up now and then
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have deleted the links if you would like any files please contact me and i'll see if i can help
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Aliens marine unfolded by (hirgon)
storm trooper costume unfolded by fierfek
(any more files i upload if created by someone other than myself or unfolded by someone other than myself there names will be included appolagies to any upset caused)
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