Peggy Carter as Captain America build

Starbuck Cospla

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Hi RPF! This is my first post, but far from my first costume build. The idea for this one came from some pieces of art by artist Alex Schlitz.

So, a week ago I sat down with Gladys and we draped. (My mother is so thrilled that I am using my expensive design degree in some way /Sarcasm).

And flat patterned
IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0165.jpg

And finally after a few nights of playing around, I have a mock-up minus the collar.

IMG_0168.jpg Photo on 7-28-15 at 12.23 AM.jpg

It will fit me as well as the mannequin, but Gladys currently has my padding stuck to her to help with the mock-up. I need to drape the collar still, but plan to have that finished today so that I can fabric shop and get this baby cranked out before the end of the week.

I am still in search of gloves that I like. Have yet to decide on red or brown leather and I would really like to not have to make them. I also need to make the harness still. In the drawings it appears to be army green canvas webbing to me, but I think a leather one would look better. I am taking liberties and using the art as a guide/inspiration. I don't plan on wearing a helmet and will style my wig more like her hair in Agent Carter or in TFA than what is in the drawings.

The pants were already found and ordered on eBay. I bought reproduction WWII paratrooper pants that were used for reenacting, so have some wear and tear. I have a vintage wwII army ammo belt that was used for a Wonder Woman cosplay last year that will be recycled as well as a friend's Howling Commando Peggy boots (pics to come) from last year. I plan to buy leggins and forgo riding boots since I spent many of my teenage years in them and find them uncomfortable.

More to come soon!

Starbuck Cospla

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Update! (apologies for picture orientation. No idea why that is happening)

My pants were purchased and came in the mail. I'm generally a size 28, so I thought getting a 30 would be fine. They are too big, which I expected, so need to be taken in (and up since I'm a small 5' petite lady).

IMG_0192.JPG IMG_0193.JPG

I have also molded, patched and painted the harness bracket. This was my first time working with Steelstik and making a mold like this. I was not prepared for how quickly Steelstik set up, so my patching was done with Magic Sculpt which has a 20-30 minute window to work with. Once I let it all sit for 12 hrs, I sanded and spray painted it with hammered metal paint and then detailed with black acrylic. It isn't perfect or exactly symmetrical (nor screen accurate), but it will do for a first go round.

IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0205.JPG IMG_0206.JPG IMG_0209.JPG IMG_0213.JPG IMG_0261.JPG

The harness leather pieces have been patterned and mocked up. I'm not thrilled with the fabric I have on hand (medium brown polyurethane fabric backed vinyl from another costume), so may be ordering some leather and making it from that.

I also tried my hand at making gloves for the first time. I made two mock-ups out of a light weight vinyl before I made these from a stretch vinyl I found by accident at the fabric store. I'm going for more of a retro color scheme as you can see with the rest of my fabric color choices. These, too, may wind up being ungraded down the road.

IMG_0214.JPG IMG_0260.JPG IMG_0199.JPG

That's it for now! I have the shield cut from left over mat board I had and it has rubber bands around it to give it a bit of a curve until I figure out whether to cover it in worbla or simply seal it before painting. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks for the comments! The positivity helps so much!
I love the design and it looks like the pattern's coming along well. The buckle even looks really good, even if it started of a bit shaky.

The colors, too! I like the color scheme you've picked. I'm looking forward to seeing this come together.

Starbuck Cospla

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Small update time!

The pants ... oh these pants. They were a true test of my tailoring skills (which need some practice). I took in the outer seam which required removing and replacing the pockets, hemmed them quite a bit and then cut down the waist and made a waistband from that to fit lil me's hipline.

I got everything cut out and began sewing this weekend.
IMG_0415.JPG IMG_0421.JPG IMG_0423.JPG IMG_0425.JPG

I also played with making the star detail 2D. I rather like the look of that, but figuring out how to attach it and paint it is another story. I used a heavy paper for the base, covered it in worbla and then hot glued it to craft foam before modge podging it. Currently there are 4 layers of modge podge and a layer of gloss spray paint on top. Not in the pictures, I have added rivets to the star points with paper tacks and need to purchase paint before I can move further with that.
IMG_0306.JPG IMG_0320.JPG

I am currently sewing on the satin piping and hope to have the bodice together before the end of today. Sleeves will be attached once I have the SSR logo embroidered or silicone ones cast and added to the shoulders.

That's it for now!

Starbuck Cospla

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Got the bodice together. The sleeves won't be attached until I either embroider or attach silicone SSR logos to the shoulders. I wound up painting the star silver, but am still on the fence about whether it should be silver or white. I wanted it to be a homage to Cap's First Avenger suit star. I have to complete the other harness straps and add the buckles, but I wanted to see what it would look like against the suit. I plan to attach a dance brief to the bottom to make sure it stays tucked into the pants.

IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0437.jpg IMG_0440.jpg

Speaking of the pants, my leggings came in. I was worried about them fitting because I put them on over jeans and they were snug, but I like the way they look with the natural weathering. The boots I am wearing are field boots and not the ones I will be wearing with the costume, but they have ankle support and I wanted to see the leggings over boots for fit purposes. I have also realized I need to wear a belt with these pants still after all that tailoring, but I would rather they be a smidge too big than too snug.
IMG_0430.jpg IMG_0431.jpg

I started priming the shield tonight and should have that paint started tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

Ari K

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It'd be a cool twist from the original design if you switched the round shield for the WWII original one, anyways love the idea and can't wait for the final suit

Starbuck Cospla

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Worked on the shield today. I cut the shape from left over mat board that I had. NYCC is getting so strict with props, I figured better safe than sorry.

I painted the back brown and followed that with gold sporadically to give it a bit of the weather gold look of the real thing.
IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0454.jpg

I primed the front with two layers of modge podge and a clear coat before painting it with white primer followed by silver followed by gloss white. I then taped off the lines with painters tape and got to work.
IMG_0463.jpg IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0468.jpg IMG_0469.jpg

I need to go back over some areas, but for now I am going to give it overnight to cure completely before I get to fixing some iffy parts.

I believe I have also landed on white for the suit star (a.k.a. my friends all told me they liked white better)

That's all for now!

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Another small update.

I got impatient waiting on SSR pins to ship from China. I was going to make a mould of them and then cast urethan positives, but this will do for now (and cost a hell of a lot less). I cut them from craft foam and hand sewed them on so that I can upgrade them later.

IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0474.JPG

I also finally have the suit together!


And I picked up the boots from my friend. They aren't perfect, but for being $20 target boots that I borrowed (and they will be mostly hidden behind leggings) I think they're pretty good.

I had a small mishap with my suit star and my shield. Sprayed the star with a gloss white and it bubbled up on me. I sanded down the ridges, modge podged and then tried again, but there are still some imperfections. I might have to trash it and start over. Does anyone know of anyone who makes Cap 1 suit stars? I would be willing to buy at this point.

The shield. It isn't a huge problem since it will be distressed, but i touched up some of the gold on the back and in the process, the front stuck to my tarp and got some blue in the red and white. That is in the process of being repainted and I have decided on using old stirrup leathers for the straps.

More to come soon!

Starbuck Cospla

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Thanks for the link! That is an awesome way to do it. I actually looked in my Joann's for a metal star and they had none. Must be the time of the year because that would have made this so simple! Ah well.

I re-made and painted the star tonight, actually.

Not over-joyed with the texture, but it will do until I can either get a metal star or find someone who makes them.

Thanks so much for the info!

Starbuck Cospla

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Thanks for the link! That is an awesome way to do it. I actually looked in my Joann's for a metal star and they had none. Must be the time of the year because that would have made this so simple! Ah well.

I re-made and painted the star tonight, actually.
View attachment 516351

Not over-joyed with the texture, but it will do until I can either get a metal star or find someone who makes them.

Thanks so much for the info!
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