Pegasus Mercury 9 w/Caliber Mengsk light board


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O.K. so I have finally have had time to get this project started. I did the review of the light board (still needs a name, how about the CM Board?) a few months ago. I finally got my desk cleared off and my spare room put back together.

This is the Pegasus Mercury 9 rocket ship. The kit itself is just pure awesome. It's a very unique design that harkens back to the classic 50's style rockets, but with modern design elements. The best of both worlds. It lends itself well to lighting too. This is why I chose to use it with the new CM Board by Caliber Mengsk.

The ship will be dispalyed in mid lift off from the launch pad. The base is a wooden picture frame I picked up from Hobbylobby for a few dollars. I'll inlclude the buildings, launch pad, and rocket built out of the box, but lighted. The ground work will be a mix of desert, grass and some trees. Maybe a hill side as well. still working on the composition.

Here is a test of one of the rocket engines. The model will sit on these three lighted tubes simulating rocket flames. It does not show well in the video but the flames flicker. Pulled cotton around the base will simulate smoke plumes coming from the blast.

Emjoy the pics and video, more to come real soon!



And a short video


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Looks very cool but I'm unfalimiar with this model... are the colums going to be pillars fo fire as it lofts off or is that part of the ship itself?

Never mid went and googled it - that is a COOL ship! the lighting loogs great as well. but you needs soemthing to break up the perfectly straight colum of flame... some carefuly billowed cotton or something for the smoke :D SHould be an awesome build!

Jedi Dade


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Gone but not forgotten.
Here is how the rocket tubes are built.

With wires running up the tube the LEDs will cast a shaodw of the wires. To help prevent this a second tube is glued inside the other.


Cap the tubes with sheet styrene and drill holes for the small tube and for your LEDs.


Now you can mount your LEDs in the top of the tube.


Here is the second rocket tube done. There will also be white LEDs in the bottom facing up as well.

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