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Sorry, No I don't, that was an old pic I reposted, they were used on my bike(s) or sold a while back, message Peeweefan here on the thread, he 3d prints kits that are already pee-wee-fied for a good price, heck of a lot cheaper then an original siren goes for these days.


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Howdy. Another noob here. During this time of social distancing and isolating at home, I began to get a little fidgety. I own a modern Chinese Schwinn Drifter cruiser that I almost never ride and it occurred to me it might be a great time to convert it into a Pee Wee bike replica.
Then I woke up, smelled the coffee and realized that bike was useless.
A little history, I own and drive a top notch (if I do say so myself) Herbie replica. I am keenly familiar with starting out simple and quickly going down the rabbit hole of "nos, screen used, vintage, as disney built 'em" obsession. To the interwebs! And I found y'all.
What a wonderful resource this thread is and what an amazing group of fellow obsessives that share their wins and losses, trials and errors, just to help everyone end up with a bike they are proud to ride, show and share.
I have a relatively complete 49 DX en route from the east coast and have already sourced many of the findable parts including grips, handle bars, HD 26x2.125 wheels, Disney bell, project box, shimano shifter, 3" and 4" mirrors (clear reflectors), Repop springer, tassels, Dia Compe tech 3, red tubing, chrome tape in assorted sizes, repop tank, clover sprocket, Person siren (og w/box), Super delta ray repop, Signal stats in red and yellow, rings from slingrings, 2x8" steel rounds, correct Mesinger seat (nos quality) and 3d printed bags, console w/hardware and Tiger siren. I'm down to sourcing or manufacturing the custom stuff such as skirts, frame triangle, chainguard and trim pieces. Not to mention all associated hardware, paint, etc.
All of y'all have been such a great help with your willingness to share and I'm sure I will be lurking a lot more (I've read every page up to 140 so far) and look forward to the build process. Of course if any of the "old guard" here have the hand built items like skirts, chainguard, etc., I'm a buyer. If not, any advice cheerfully accepted as I fumble my way though. Waterjets are amazing machines, or so they tell me.
Cheers and thanks again for all the help you have already given me.
How did you get a hold of the 3D printed bags and the tiger siren? Thanks


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It isn't a siren but a replica of the tiger head (digital download of the 3D files) I will be adding more pieces as time and capital allows it. I got some ideas for Playhouse figures.



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Just finished reading this whole thread. I am getting ready to embark on this journey. Was curious if anyone would have any of the parts for this bike they would like to part with? Obviously all of the parts that are available on the net are not really what I would be looking for. Stuff like the saddlebags and the console? Skirts and the chain guard? I understand all of the work that was put into these items over the years and would appreciate any assistance with this ask. Please send a private message.


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Hello! I’m new to the site but have followed the thread here for years. Finally building an X-1 for my wife and it’s coming along! I do however need side skirts. Does anyone have any leads on where I can get a pair? I could make them, but the thought of all the metal cutting…. Any help would be really appreciated! (Maybe the chain guard too?)


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I just got my Bike Horn replica too. The thing looks great!

I'm working on a bike as well. The most elusive part so far is the chainguard. Very few phtos of the back showing how it was built.

Any and all photos you can get would be great.

I made my chain guard from a paper pattern. Which horn replica did you get?


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Hey guys, a friend of mine is making a Pee-wee's BA bike, and needs a chain guard for it (he can't log into the rpf for some reason, so he asked me to post this for him). Here's his bike so far with the stock chain guard.


These are reference photos that he provided me, so if anyone here makes these or know where to get it made I'd really appreciate a DM. Thanks!


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