Peace walker Pep's


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Working on the MSF HQ

outer heaven locked.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download


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It looks good but you need to fix the open edges (the red lines) otherwise that will be hell when working on it in pep Designer or when you start to build it. I would actually suggest breaking up either files into segments which will make it easier to build as well.


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Not done yet. Just started these last night. these are just the rough drafts. But thank you for the feed back.
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Seriously, fix the red lines. Usually caused by extra vertices on the mesh or edges that arent joined. RED lines mean when its pepped your going to have no connections on those areas. There are serious problems with your models if they are even appearing at this stage, so fix them first before moving on.


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Still test. Im looking for someone with more experiences in the 3ds max. to help cut down on the stuff. Im not posting the files to everyone yet. I did that 2 years ago with a bunch of gundam Peps i made and they were reposted with credit to someone else.
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Just found this thread! I tried to open your Stun Rod files in Pep and it says it needs a password. Not sure what to do.

Anymore work done on Peace Walker. That would be a cool model to build!

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