Pcoz's Steam Punk Flint Gun


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Hey Guys, I took a short break from my X-wing build to work on a quick steam punk gun for my wife's Christmas party this year.

They always do a themed party and this year is masquerade...so why not twist it up a little and do something steam punk ?

I'm completely new to this genre, so I had to do a little research first before I started.

Here's the build:

Started with a $3 toy flint gun left over from the Spirit Store after Halloween. I gathered a bunch of random things from the garage including a pressure gauge.


Small bottle lid screwed to the gun and piping attached. Although I didn't have a reason for some of this, I wanted the greeblies to at least look purposeful.

20161113_154235.jpg 20161113_154249.jpg 20161113_161708.jpg 20161113_163212.jpg

The gears were from Amazon...$6 for a bag of 100 or so...and they're metal too.

20161113_171255.jpg 20161113_195038.jpg 20161113_195900.jpg 20161113_204115.jpg

Once I had the main greeblies attached, it was time for a black prime coat....which would also be the finished base coat.


Switched my attention to the pressure gauge. Since the one I had was modern, I had to change the face and weather it. I took it apart, printed an appropriate 2" face to the period and hit it with some enamel and acrylic washes. finished with some gold rub n buff.

20161114_130348.jpg 20161114_140728.jpg 20161114_141544.jpg 20161114_142031.jpg

Now back to the gun with the same approach. Rub N Buff on black paint is a wonderful pleasing experience....lol. This serve as the second of multiple coats f paint and washes to build up depth.

20161114_142547.jpg 20161114_142948.jpg 20161114_145601.jpg 20161114_150354.jpg 20161114_150505.jpg 20161114_163251.jpg 20161114_163300.jpg 20161114_163305.jpg

That's it for now, I'll post the finished pic's soon.

Thanks for looking !


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So I bought some leather scraps and a few leather accessories from the local craft store. I hot glued the leather onto the gun and super glued any edges that may have flipped up.

20161114_165546.jpg 20161114_173946.jpg 20161114_175006_001.jpg 20161114_180318.jpg

Added some straps the the sight and started weathering the leather with acrylic washes. Then I continued weathering in layers with enamel washes of green, blue, black to deepen the look.

20161114_180532.jpg 20161114_183950.jpg 20161114_184051.jpg 20161114_184149.jpg 20161114_184214.jpg 20161114_184222.jpg 20161114_184229.jpg 20161114_184340.jpg 20161114_184312.jpg 20161114_184320.jpg 20161114_184330.jpg

I think it turned out ok for a quick thrown together project. I'll post my Steam Punk Costume when complete....

Thanks for looking !