Pattern makers?


I'm looking for someone to make a pattern for me as I'e never drafted one myself. I usually kind of frankenstein things together to make them work but since I am deployed right now I don't think I'm going to have the time to play with this project. Can anyone recommend a pattern maker?
It would probably be helpful to mention what kind of pattern, as different types of garments require very different skill sets.
Athletic wear is tricky, lots of seams. It does look pretty standard though, have you tried looking at sporting goods stores?
Yeah Columbia has something sort of similar. Were I home I'd do this myself. The front and back are basically 3 vertical pieces and a horizontal piece. The arms themselves aren't that complicated.

I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan and just can't work on this and I don't want to spend my leave doing this. I could probably pieces it together but finding someone who could do the pattern means I could sew it in a couple of days, even with a mock up.
My suggestion is to get a cheap, long sleeve shirt that fits the way you want this to fit. Then draw all the lines on where the seams are.
I know its not a pattern maker, but its the better decision. I'm a patternmaker, and I would put a cheap, long sleeve, well fit T-shirt on you and draw the lines on. Just saying.
It's not a time consumer. should be able to do that in 15 minutes. Won't even cut into your leave.
I make gymnastics leotards for my daughter. I use Jalie patterns. I love them and I alter them like crazy to make beautiful designs. None of my local sewing stores like joann's care Jalie. I have to order online. But the good thing about their patterns is they come with EVERY size in pack. Sewing Patterns by Jalie - Jalie Sewing Patterns is there website. It looks like you could alter a speed skating (there is an out of print one that I would work.) Also don't know if you want to take this route but I buy all my spandex from Spandex World Inc. spandex fabric, lycra stretch fabric . I make pattern peices alot for my own costumes and I've been hired by multiple inventors. One created new boys underwear , I created all the pattern and demos for her. (its now now getting picked up and having the test pieces made in overseas factories so they are not available in stores yet) I would cut in the in the sections you talked about, add all the pockets and extra seams. They way its fitted skin tight like that is why I would suggest the spandex. But it all just depends on the look your going for.
Darth Mule: I hadn't thought of using a t shirt like that. Excellent idea, thanks!! It's a great idea for other projects as well actually. I like this.

Teresa: ooooh I've never heard of them, thanks for that. I'm a little leery of sewing spandex as my forays into super stretchy things haven't gone so well! I was thinking a basic knit maybe, but haven't totally decided yet. I'm about *this* close to buying a cheap, lightweight sewing machine and shipping it here so I can play with such things. LOL I hate wanting to be working on costuming stuff and not being able to do ANYTHING with it. ETA: Looks like their softshell jacket is basically what I need with the exception of the sides needing tweaked.
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Spandex is defiantly tricky. You would have to make it bigger than you actual size so that its not "SKIN TIGHT" like something Peggy Bundy would have sported lol I defiantly understand being cautious. Well I hope some of the patterns from their sight might help. Keep us up dated on anything you try. I don't think I could live with out my sewing machine... at least not for very long. And if you anything like me, you probably wont be happy with another person doing you pattern. Because you see it in your mind is different than how someone else sees it. I know I would be very critical and still change it lol
LOL I will give it a shot one of these days I know, but since, right now, my time is limited I'm trying to plan accordingly. I will probably actually order one of the body suit patterns they have so I have something to play with. I'm fairly good at adapting patterns to do what I need I just can't start from scratch. LOL My sewing skills are limited at best.
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