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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by dropshipbob, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. dropshipbob

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    I just heard about this the other day. Seems it some sort of glue you can use to attach patches onto cloth. Anyone have experience using this stuff, good...bad?

    I have a Colonial Marine uniform I need to attach patches too, and it would be so nice if I could skip trying to find someone to sew them on. But I also know what happens when you try and cut corners.
  2. Talisen

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    Don't the patches already have the heat sensitive glue on the backs?

    Sorry, never heard of the stuff you're referring to. Could check a fabric store?
  3. gpghosts

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    well heres one thing i use on my hunting and fishing vest Patch attach

    or i use tacky glue to help me sew the patches
  4. Treadwell

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    There are various fabric glues. One brand is Fabri-tac.

    I remember my mom used to iron on my Boy Scout patches, melting the wax or whatever on the back of them into the fabric. But they'd start peeling off at the corners after a while and she'd end up sewing them anyway.

    Bob, why do you need someone to sew them for you? It isn't hard to do it by hand. :)
  5. dropshipbob

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    I need someone to sew them on because I don't have the patience. Plus I do a pretty terrible job when I attempt it.
  6. Nobody

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    I have used Patch Attach and it works very well.
  7. Scapey

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    You an officer then, DSB?
    "Officers don't have mothers. They reproduce by osmosis. Like amoebas."
  8. ob1al

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    I use a product called SewSimple by Bostik (a UK product) - its really quick and saves a lot of time sewing stuff - but its not good for everything, as it can 'stain' some fabrics if it soaks through.

    For thicker materials and hidden seams etc, its very useful. Just be sure to test a drop first.
  9. dropshipbob

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    :lol No, I do have a mother, her sewing skills are about as good as mine. Plus the last time I asked her to sew some patches on, she had it for a month and only attached 2 out of 5 patches. I have no patience.
  10. superjedi

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    Any idea if this product would be good for attaching velcro to fabric? Is it pretty durable stuff?

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