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This was to be a gift for a friend. She was really for the game at the time. I’ve started collecting elements for this figure build in june 2013, but at some time my fire was lost. Nevertheless I’ve decided to finish the project and took on the work. Torso is two part pleksi clear ball, 12 cm in diameter, that I wanted to sand inside, to give her transparent-foggy appearance.

The spear and limbs are hollow plastic balloon sticks. „Hands”, hat and arrowhead are the only parts made from scratch by vacuforming. First I’ve done some modeling clay balls and arrowhead neck parts, which I baked in 200°C for about 20 minutes. I wanted to form the hat on glass jar, but it narrowed at the end, so I rolled it around witch bristol-board, cut some thick cardboard in the right diameter and hot glued them. This is not the best method, cause vacued surface took the cardboard texture and had to be sanded. I knew it would happen, but at this moment it was easier to do this this way, tahan to form and sand piece of wood. All in all I could have used modeling clay here also.

And so it rose. Hollow and transparent, for now. It was to be a white light lamp. With the paper grade going to 2000 and 3000 the milky surface was getting clearer, and it wasn't the goal. Overall I didn't like the effect I've got from this operation. Still, the waste from wet sanding gave an iris effect. Now there's sanding outside to do, to smooth the surface on the halfs joining.

The spearhead is a two plastic bids glued. I've curved them on edges, and in the place of the pole I drilled a line and corrected it with knife. I've glued the grill stick here, and inserted it into the balloon stick. I vacuformed couple of covers for the place where pole changes to spearhead, but they were to big and thick. I decided to lose them and cut the balloon stick and curve the two new sides. I had to cut them again, but it looks not bad, and after sand and putty will be quite good.

Patapon's "hands" are vacuformed balls. I've drilled one through, to put the spear in. Each ball got a small hole for arms armature wire.

After inserting the grill sticks into the drilled ball I've produced a devil, looking more and more like Mike Wazowski.

Now all that is a 2013-14 work. As for this year I have a vacformed hat. The core was a basswood with a lot of putty and sanding addition. The primer used was car acrilic, nice but sticky. The plastic stuck to it while forming, and I managed to rescue the piece only recently. Now the hat awaits the putty to dry.

Patapon had an unhappy accident. While putting it on cutting matt I thought, that this may happen again, so instead of gluing arms and legs I inserted them deep into the sphere and blocked there. They still are supported by steel wire. While refiting legs, I decided to give it a more dynamic look. The pissed off Patapon is supported not by two grill sticks but a steel wire, embeded in epoxy putty Poxilina. I dont know if it won’t be too wobely...
The base is vac formed 1mm sheet of polistyrene, done on a convex glass. The glass itself had few flaws and convexex of it own. It looks like the Moon surface, but it;s good, as it represents the disturbed land of Patapon.

The new Patapon. The hat is almost ready. I had to put feathers in drilled holes to see how the look. I don’t know if I’ll trim them to the game shape, or leave more real, natural.
I’ve also done a new spear head.

I have no idea what this is, but I'm really liking it and am looking forward to seeing the end result. It's got a lot of personality.
I had know idea either, a quick google finds this was a playstation 3 game
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