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    I dont know if anybody else has played this game. youre basically working border control in Arstotzka. You can but it here or download a free beta version from the developers website. Its crazy addictive. There is all sorts of possible paper props from newspapers to stamps

    Anyway. ive mocked up am editable Arstotzkan passport

    this is a screen capture of the passport in game

    papers please.png

    here is my mock up. its not aligned exactly like the original as ive tried to make the dimensions more like a real uk/us passport.


    here is a link to all fonts from the game - (dl link at the bottom) all the editable text is bm mini

    psd file is attached View attachment arstotzka.psd
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    Interesting. Looks like they had mock passport notebooks for sale, but they're out.
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    I've always wanted to modernize some of the stuff from papers please

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