Papercraft Diviner/Obelisk from Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD


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I've been watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and figured it would be nice to try and replicate the Obelisk/Diviner from Season 2 of the show.

I noticed this post from February and had a go at reproducing it in cardstock.
Pretty easy to unfold the STL and generate the required net, which I then scaled up and you can see a photo of my effort on that thread.

I noticed a couple of faces on that STL didn't quite match with the shots I could see from the various images i could find in Google.

So I started again.
Only, I'm terrible with 3d computer modeling.

I ended up building an actual "wireframe" using bamboo skewers and Blu-Tac. Don't laugh, it worked.

This was here's my second attempt, which ended up being about 15inches tall.
It's got what I believe to be the right number of faces/vertices.

Since building that I ordered a few sheets of platinum shimmer card of eBay, cut the model apart and rebuilt it.

The sun was shining at the weekend, so I took a few photos to show off the reflective surfaces.


The rest are on my Facebook album.

I know some of the dimensions are not right, 15 inches tall sounds too big for starters.
While the base is "ok", I think it could be a little wider, which then affects placement of all the other faces going up to the top.
I also think the angles of the faces in relation to one another aren't quite right.

So in my mind it's "adequate" since it's not 100% accurate.

With that in mind, would anyone be interested if I posted the plans so you could make your own?
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Yeah, I can tell you making the 3-D model was no walk in the park, at some point I just gave up on getting all the faces because it seemed like some of my reference pictures conflicted with each other. Its cool to see another SHEILD fan take this on, it looks real nice. Good luck on future works


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I've made the Diviner also (got a thread in the Project Runs), but I did it all through months of research watching episodes and scaling screencaps and it was a VERY long process to get it right.

Nice job on yours, the silver card is a nice idea, saves painting it.


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Thanks for the kind words guys.
It's really not easy to judge all the angles when you only have stills and don't have the original piece to work from.

I was being honest about the bamboo skewers by the way.


I have a good appreciation now why people using 3d printers worry so much about "support" material.


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I have been working on my own designs for the Obelisk/Diviner and have made a pepakura file for it that is adjusted for making with foam:
obelisk1 making of.JPG - This link should work, if not then just reply and i will try to sort it out.

This model may be slightly elongated and not quite the same as the original as it was difficult to design with all of the strange faces, however i may attempt to modify the file so that it is slightly more like the original in the future...

I am currently making the real life foam model and have finished putting it together, i may post another image when it is fully completed...

If anyone wants to modify my designs or try making the foam model, i would like to hear of any updates


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Indeed! Contemplating a Phil Coulson cosplay and I have a metal briefcase with uncut foam inserts that this would go perfectly in I think...


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I forgot to say in all the excitement at the foam version above, that I've been working to straighten out the top half of my model.


The one on the left is my original one and the one on the right is my latest attempt.
I'm much happier with this newer model.

​My son has appropriated the original one for his room.


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I tried to open your link, however it says it does not exist. Can you help me? I'm trying to use it to make a solid aluminum version. Thanks jamcosmo