Paper prop recaster: wesellhollywood2011??

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Moviefreak, Mar 4, 2012.

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    eBay: wesellhollywood2011

    This seller is selling a digital download of tons of paper props. When you look in their previously listed items this month, you can see some of the items... And some look like they were listed out of the free paper section.
    I didn't go through them all, but I know for sure that Rylo's Bttf Marty's drivers license was stolen.

    Does anyone know who this seller: wesellhollywood2011 is?
    They are definitely a member here... Maybe we can track down them with that Batman phone they also have listed, maybe they showed it off around here before?
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    Yup. Most if not all of his closed items are from the FPP forum.

    Although on the bright side, he hasn't exactly been successful in selling any :lol

    No luck locating him 'through' the batphone here though.

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