Paper prop catalogue


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ok , heres an idea,

would everyone like a paper props catalogue - simular to whats on there now - but without the dead links, I have a number of redundant 2tb drives which I'm willing to fill up with - the files as long as everyone is ok with that - there will be an online backup as well which I will have access to and I can easily make files available to anyone anytime - as most of you are aware we all hate dead links - there dead for a variety of reasons but we alll still hate them and we can only keep files on our own servers, HD, or download sites for so long - so I'm offering this service to all members of the RPF paper props forum - If you think its a good idea or not please leave a comnet - this way we would be able to have a virtual libary for all files and help our fellow RPFs - and also allow some control over who has access to the files to help slow or stop "recasting with certain props.

This is only a service for props YOU are willing to give a way free for NON-commercial use etc.. you all know the score just thought i'd get in there first

let me know what you all think:)


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Really a good idea. Since many years I'm collecting my own graphics from A - Z in a folder on my computer. So far I have collected more than 930 files during the last 10 years.



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That's a great idea and if I wouldn't have my own server for my files, I would surely want to use your service.

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