paper patterns for stryene, please help!!


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Hey folks, I've been working on an art project and it's going to take a lot of scratch building using styrene, model kit parts and some hacked up toys. I'm making patterns using standard printer paper and sticking it to the styrene sheet for cutting out which is working great but I'm having trouble removing the paper and glue afterwards for a clean finish. I've been using a spray contact adhesive to stick the patterns on and iso to remove it after they're cut. It's ok but far from clean and quite time consuming. Do any of you good folk have any tips or a better method to this issue? I've been looking round the web, ytube and the forum and haven't found much so far. I'm sure someone must have mentioned this in a thread somewhere but...

Any help greatly appreciated


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I always just use a glue stick. If you have any trouble removing it, just get it wet and it'll all come right off. Another option would be rubber cement if you want something more sticky. In that case it peels off and any rubber left can be rubbed away.



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Yeah rubber cement is good. There's also a glue stick that's the same stuff on Post-it notes that allows you to make post-its from any paper, not a very strong hold but should be enough.


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Put masking tape on the styrene, and then glue your template to that. Once you're done your cutting, you just peel the tape and template right off.


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If you still want a spray adhesive, 3M Spray Mount is designed to be removable. Just spray a light coat on only one surface, let it dry slighly and then apply. I have used successfully in the past.


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I second the rubber cement. Put a thin coat on both the styrene and the template, let them dry a bit and press together.


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Thank you so much chaps! I'm laughing my head off at reading these because my glue stick is sitting right next to my spray can lol. Cheers guys, glue stick wins, back to it ;-)


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You could also glue the paper to the back side of the part - if the part is used to be assembled in a way that it forms a closed structure. That way you can skip the whole removal experience completely.


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Cheers Galactican, yeah, I would totally do that if possible. The gum glue has been working a treat so I think I'll stick with that from now on