Pan's labyrinth : 1/1 Faun bust


Wow, amazing work, I love it, is it real wood or you were kidding? Perfect material for this character, make the piece even more valuable, bravo !


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sorry for digging up an old thread, did Max ever offered a run for this? and does anyone know to get in touch with him (he hasn't been active on here since 2015) thanks


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Yeah, as I recall he did some killer work on here...if you get ahold him let me know. I'd be interested too
i sent him a msg on FB, but he said its not for sale :(
maybe if you ask too he would perhaps do a run if more people are interested


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Looking at some of his FB pics, I remember that his work was just spectacular, but much of it wasn't really for sale. At least maybe not to the USA?

**His Gollum (Smeagol) is terrific!

I'm not officially on FB anymore, so I can't message him. I would be interested if anyone gets in touch with him I might jump in on a "run."

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