Painting rubber boots, gloves and craft foam - Flexi-Dip + anything else?


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I am looking to paint a pair of shrimp boots and a pair of long rubber gloves a bright yellow for a Dr. Octopus costume. My understanding is that I should be using Rustoleum Flexi-Dip or Plasti-Dip for paint that will not crack or peel with the flexing of the rubber. I was hoping someone could verify or recommend a better approach?

if Flexi-Dip is the way to go, is there anything else I can top-coat it with to protect the paint even more, especially on the gloves, where the paint will likely see the most "play"? This is for a child's costume so I want to "double down" on preserving the paint, because I know my son will not remember to take much care with it.

Finally, if I want to use craft foam to add accents to the boots (and maybe the gloves), will the Flexi-Dip work well with the foam? I'd like to use the same paint for the sake of color matching, but is there any reason I can't use it on the foam?

Please and thank you!
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