Painting polyurethane issues


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Hi guys,

I have recentley started casting with polyurethane and i'm having problems getting the paints (acrylic) to stick to the surface? Whne I sprey after with Mr super clear the surface still scratches and the paint comes of ? I am sure you guys will have the answers for me. Thank you in advance, William


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Could be a couple of issues, first suggestion would be to wash the parts with hot dish soap. particularly if you used a release agent. I have had several castings that sweated for a couple days, due to mixture being off slightly, either by the 1:1 ratio, or not shacking the part A, and part b container enough before mixing. if you are using a spray release agent, try coating mold with baby powder. that will also give parts better paint adhesion. But to the point clean before painting


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I know that Mr. Color has a spray can specific for resin models. (Mr Resin Primer Surfacer)
Its a red can with grey cap. I've never used it before and don't know how well it would work.