Painting monstermaker's hand and feet


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I bought these hands and feet grom Ian a few weeks ago and finally got around to painting them. I used a cheap airbrush/compressor kit I bought off ebay, I'm happy with it until I can afford a better one, now to finish painting my skin to match. Any comments/suggestions before I seal them?


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I reeeeeeeally like the feet, they have a aged P2 feel to them. Peronally id like to see some darker tones, but thats nothing against your paint up its just personnel opinion, and i do not know wat kind of paint up you are going for anyway

but i do like


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Thanks Usurper, the colour scheme I'm trying for is an aged/bruised look, so there's a mix of greys, raw sienna, hull red and black but not copying any particular pred style - almost winging it really, to see what works.


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Thanks predmaul, I'm sure they will - just remember you can always paint over them if you don't like them, it took me a bit of trial and error with the colours till I was happy with them
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