Painting/airbrush do I paint Serenity?

I will for sure do some practicing to learn to do some burns etc at the end but for now I am very happy with how it turned out!!

Granted if I had practiced more last weekend I may not have had to redo all the detailing..but considering it turned out better than before it was worth it.

I just have to be careful now!!!
I am mostly done finally! All the little details were a LOT of work! Still need to add some wires at the back and need a round rod to attach to the base and have to drill a hole in the bottom of the ship to accommodate it..for a more subtle mount than a baby food jar. ;)

I just added the last pic...kind of a before shot with just the first base coat painted. What a difference!!!!
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This is the first of these that I've seen so it's silly to say it's the best I've seen.....LOL. I will say this, it's gonna be hard to top that paint-up.

Dave :)
That is some beautiful paint work you've done, seriously incredible. any chance of some better pics as these dont do you any justice. Fantastic stuff
Serenity Mounted to Base!

Sorry guys..just wanted to post a quick update...

I had a round bar welded to the base today and drilled a hole in the bottom of Serenity to fit it. I'll leave it loose so I can turn it if want.

I have painted the black details at the all I have left are some wired at the back that I will pick away at a bit here and there.

Hard to get the lighting right so I posted a couple with the florescent light on, the other without.
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