Painting A P2 Colour Style Armour How To?


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Im working on my new Pred, basically im going custom elder. Using wolf torso armour/back pack, ive laid down a silver base coat which im using on the armour & bio ect, but as its wolf it has detail areas that would be a copper colour, what I want to do is lay down a bronze colour in areas on the armour using acrylic paint, but I want it to have that green type corrosion/patination effect that is seen on the P2 armour/bio, how is that achieved?

I was then going to follow the painting a P1 bio tutorial with stippling different colours to get the result I want on the rest, so would you guys just do that on the silver exposed bits or on the bronze with the green corrosion after that is done?

Painting isnt my best quality lol.
I lay down my base coat of bronze, shade area with sepia and deepest areas with black. Then i move to a candy green(or oxidizing color of choice) and lightly work in the oxidation randomly. Once im content with the look of the oxidation i mist my base bronze from one angle usually down or away from crevices to leave behind my oxidation of green. I also go back with some bright silver to add fresh scratches so it can have the old and new damaged spots. hope this helps.
I don't use tamiya so im not too sure what the color looks like. I use a color from wicked called. candy green. I'm sure any candy green would work. The reason i use candy is because its a transparent paint,so it shows the base through the color. You can build up the color in certain areas to be darker and not as transparent. You could even use a light blue color. If you don't have a candy you could take your color and add a medium to it and thin it down to be transparent.
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