Painting a Grail tablet

Obi Sean Kenobi

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Hi all,

I received my awesome Gordon Gekko Grail tablet today, and am curious if anyone has suggestions on how to paint it to get the screen accurate look (&, obviously, to make it look like stone).

Any tutorials, tips, tricks or techniques?

Any pics of the screen used prop?



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Ditto. Looking for some good screen caps. I will probably go stand in the paint section at the hobby store. That's usually how I get inspiration for color combos.

I'm almost thinking white primer, misted with light grey primer, sanded highlights and airbrushed grime black.

Bill Carson

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I would like to make my own tablet and I'm looking for informations about the text. I can't find any information about how tall the letters should be and the exact size of the tablet. If someone here could help me, it would be great.
Thank you very much.
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Hi, this is my version tablet grail..
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