Painted Real Graflex Lightsaber Props!


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Okay folks.

I have heard about a "painted handle decorated with ridged plastic" from the caption on some old Christie's auction from the UK. This was usually paired with a picture of a bladed Graflex Stunt saber, the only one surviving in its original state. We were wrong about this.

Some of you have seen this photo. I found the exact live auction, got the catalogue and redbutton and I scanned in good res copies of the relevant material. There is no mention of a blade, no rivets in the clamp and the original socket seems to be intact, minus the pins. Only one red button, full knurl. I was only able to upload "large" versions as opposed to full size



Here is the listing:

And now I want to hunt down where this photo came from

This looks like a different prop. The Luke Jedi prop to the left almost looks like the real thing.... wonky control box with a gap under the box card.....

Anyway it’s a different lot number too… 188 instead of 205
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Yet another hunt is underway! Besides building the props the
hunt for pictures and parts is great fun as you'll know!!
Crap, a very similar DL-18 cast is behind the bladed one in the background. This might be the same prop, where are the rivets in the clamp!? where did the blade assembly go!?
I don't know about any of you but the second catalogue made it through customs and is 2 states away. I'm super excited.

Edit, sorry no context. I found the exact auction where the bladed one was listed. That catalogue is on its way to me.
Okay folks, I have returned with information straight from the source. Both of these auctions are accessible by the lead archivist over at Christie's and they were only able to find these.

Sale Title  Film and Entertainment

Location    London, South Kensington

Sale Date   Dec 14, 1995

Lot Number  0188

Sale Number 7074

Estimate    3,000 - 4,000 British pounds

Price Realized    Withdrawn from sale

Lot Description   Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back

A rare prop 'Light Sabre' weapon, comprising a cylindrical silver-painted metal torch casing with ridged handle of black-painted plastic, a dowelling rod covered with reflective tape applied to one end, the base stamped Manufactured by Graflex - made for Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker for fight sequences in the 1977 and 1980 films Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back

Lot Notes   Few versions of this 'Light Sabre' are thought to exist as many of them were damaged during filming due to the brittleness of the rod.


Sale Title  Film and Entertainment
Location    London, South Kensington      

Sale Date   Dec 21, 1994

Lot Number  0205  
Sale Number 6711
Estimate    1,500 - 2,500 British pounds
Price Realized    1,650 British pounds
Lot Description   STAR WARS
A prop 'light sabre' weapon, comprising a cylinder of silver-painted metal, the base detailed with a ridged handle of black-painted plastic - 10½in. (26.7cm.) long - made for Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the 1977 and 1980 Lucasfilms Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.

No dowelling rod covered with reflective tape is mentioned in the lot description of this item or shown in the published auction catalogue page that the client provided. There were numerous prop weapons of this style for the movie production and I cannot find a provenance link between Sale 6711, Lot 205 and the later Sale 7074, Lot 188.

It doesn't appear that this was sold, and I don't know if they were the same item. They sure look like it, but maybe we are looking at two painted graflexes with the bunny ear ring missing? The D rings are facing different directions!
The D rings aren’t facing the same way

Being riveted, this has to mean there are TWO of them right?
I’m confused I thought there were 2 different flashes, since the part that holds the bulb is different on each one.

Maybe it’s time to start analyzing paint chips

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