Painted female/kids head


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It's been a while since I posted here we go..

This is a mask that I sculpted to fit a mysteria models 1/2 size P1 bio...
here's pics









Pics are a bit crap i'm afraid.....I'll try and take some better ones at some point as alot of detail has been lost due to the lighting.......and the fact that I cant even hold the camera still lol.
Thanks for looking


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Lee your paint work is getting better with each one you do. But man-o-man, i wish your pics were better.... we are really missing out on the treat that is your paint work. please, please, please get some better pics of this.

ok Whine over.



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Cheers folks......I agree about the small mask for juniors and small people as I thought it's the one thing that lets alot of suits down (having a massive head)...thats why I agreed to do it........well.....that and both my kids constantly asking when I was going to sculpt THEM a mask lol.
So needless to say...both my kids will dress as preds this halloween. camera is so **** at taking pics with natural light.....they always seem to come out over exposed...even when I close the curtains so it's reasonably dark in the room.....I really need to get an SLR..or at least a decent compact that you can adjust the exposure times.
Here's a couple with flash for now tho..





And thanks for the improvement comment....but it's the same with everyone...the more you practise, the better you get
I'm never totally happy with anything that I do to be honest....which I think is what drives us to do better the next time.
I've painted up 8 heads over the last few weeks and there's bits on each of them that i'm not totally happy about but if I dont call them done at some point....i'd be doing them forever lol.

Thanks again
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