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so i use xtc 3(epoxy coating) on a hemisphere 3d printed and use armor coat as primer. I tried using krylon covermaster today and dug my nail in it to see if the paint scrapes off but the primer doesnt(...I think since I used three coat of xtc3d and used primer on each layer added so im not sure if my nail is on the primer or epoxy but it looks like the primer). it does and even with krylon clear coat it still scrapes off. it some what worries me. am i using the paint too thick? or should i use a different kind of paint? enamel, acrylic? duplicolor autopaint? not airbrush this time though since i ant to atleast sell a prop that is good enough to enough to get my own airbrush and compressor. but i do want to know what kind of airbrush paint to use too. I heard airbrush paint is alot thinner.


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Oh! From your initial description it sounded like the xtc3 had scraped off with the Krylon and exposed the primer.

I have not used xtc3, but the epoxy paints I have used have been quite durable and tough. Krylon clear coat on the other hand is not tough stuff.
If you want a more durable clear coat, I would recommend using a lacquer based clear coat or a clear catalyzed paint (like epoxy or urethane).

One thing to be careful about is that some paints don't play nice with each other because their solvents are different. Krylon is an enamel paint and may craze or wrinkle if you spray lacquer paint over it because the lacquer's solvents will attack the enamel paint (especially gloss enamel). You can; however, spray enamel paint over lacquer paint because the enamel's solvents aren't strong enough to damage the lacquer.
Catalyzed paints cure to a hard inert state, but they too have solvents in them that may affect underlying layers, so some experimentation is recommended.

All that basically leads to my recommendation that you should use one type of paint if you can. If you painted with epoxy- use an epoxy clear coat. If you used an enamel paint - use an enamel clear coat. ... and so on. The paint layers should adhere to one another better than dissimilar paints and you shouldn't have any weird problems with one layer damaging another.
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