Paint shaker for hobby paints from saber saw


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Here is a paint shaker I made from an inexpensive saber saw from Harbor Freight. This is designed to shake two 1 oz GarageKit.US paint bottles at a time but it would be easy to use other pipe (to hold different bottle sizes) to make a different "blade." The blades are then easily interchangeable to shake different paints. The only commercially available shakers are made by Robart (underpowered for 1oz bottles or paint that has really settled) or nail lacquer shakers that can only do one bottle at a time.

First, open the saw and re-route the wiring so as to empty the handle. I eliminated the trigger switch by just clipping it out and joining the wires (solder + heat shrink tubing vs. wire nuts). I kept the speed control circuit board/dial and hot glued it to the outside of the case later. Now saw off the handle trying to create as flat a surface as possible. Run the wires out the dust port.

Cut a 2 x 4 scrap to fit the contours of the case when it is upside down in shaker position and add two notches on the underside for the hose clamps and a "tab" sticking out the back for a C-clamp to fasten it to your workbench.

Cut the cord and route it into and out of the switch box. Connect one conductor across the switch and reconnect the other (solder/heat shrink vs. wire nut). I added a knot in the wire inside the box to act as a strain relief.

The "blade(s)" are made from a long saber saw blade with two holes drilled in it for long 6-32 machine screws which hold the two pieces of pipe on either side. I used stop nuts so they don't shake loose. I used Devcon plastic welder epoxy (also great for resin kits!) to hold the two pipes to the blade and each other. Foam in the bottom of each pipe and Velcro on the top and you are done.

Feel free to ask questions and I hope this saves someone's wrist like it did mine!

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Here is the Freak Flex paint "blade:"

This was made from a cotton swab container, a piece of styrene tube and three brass screws. So far, the snap lock on the container has been enough to keep the lid shut during shaking, but a piece of Velcro just to be sure is not a bad idea!

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