Paint, pros aid, best worst ??


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I hope people will bear with me but after hours of sifting here I'm still asking questions..

Ok, over the years I've used all sorts of water based paints etc including liqitex, stretchi paints etc mixing directly into the latex (for other applications... Not masks) with mixed results.

I've also played with Faskolour.

I've primed latex with thinned contact adhesive and now have some pros-aid (blimey... More expensive than gold)

I've searched threads and it seems no clear answer is out there so I wondered if anyone would care to share their solutions/mixes in this thread.

I've just started the process of moulding a new pred skin this weekend (I'll be posting photos etc) but I need help with paint.

Some say prime with pros the layer with paint, some mix pros with paint (what's the mix ratio??) some pigment the latex (this must be very thin to go through a normal airbrush ??)

I'm sure these questions have been answered a hundred time.....


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Notmally I mix acrylic paint. The kind you buy in tubes at the art store. I thin the acrylic down with rubbing alcohol.
Water doesn't seem to work as well.

Now adding prosaide (to me) depends on how thick of a layer of paint is about to be applied. If I am pairing a couple spots then maybe no.
But if I am trying to put a thick basecoat layer on, then yes. I do mix in about 25% prosaide.

I definitely but down a layer of prosaide as a base on the latex surface. This layer seems to make all the difference if the paints lasts or not, when it comes to being rubbed while walking etc...

Lastly you need to clearcoat the entire thing. That is a whole other long answer.

Anymore questions!?


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With my tube acrylics I mix ratios of 25% paint, 25% latex, 50% water. I use liquitex for the clear caot at about 80% and 20% water


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Mmm are these clearcoats really that durable ?? I have some Faskolor clear coat & I also have a bottle of the liqutex medium varnish stuff, but I'm worried that with weekly wear it's not going to last.

Normal Halloween masks seem to last .. What do they use ??

I'm in the UK and we don't seem to have as many off the shelf bits as you guys do over the pond AND monstermakers won't supply the Uk :-(