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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by oddball, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. oddball

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    I am painting my iron man helmet and I preped the helmet before painting primer stuck well but when I put on the color paints they crackled up and remain tacky. I know it has been humid all day so could it be that the paint just isn't dry yet and can I clear coat it in a couple of days to help the paint stick better? Help me RPF your my only hope
  2. 88reaper88

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    Did you mix them well enough??
  3. oddball

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    They were spray paint and I schook them very well
  4. Caveneau

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    I get that problem sometimes too.
    I try to shake the spray cans really well.
    Maybe I can learn from this
  5. TridCloudwalker

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    Either the primer hadn't completely cured yet, or you put on too heavy of a coat of the color.

    Strip/sand everything down again, prime it, and let it cure overnight. Mist a very very light coat of color over the primer (you should still be able to see some of the primer underneath), let it sit for a few hours, then apply short, light burst of color all around the piece from about 6 inches away. Again, don't worry if you don't have full coverage. Every 20 minutes or so, repeat that process until you have a nice even coat.

    The key is to start out VERY light, and build it up. Use short controlled bursts, while always keeping your hand in motion.
  6. TallDarkandDisfigured

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    crackling paint is usually from moisture. It looks wrinkly right?

    Best bet is to strip it down and re prime. Then give it some time to dry before going with the paint and clearcoat.

    EDIT- Listen to the psot above, it's much more informational than mine. :lol
  7. defstartrooper

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  8. oddball

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    Here is how it looks
    Comments are ways welcome
  9. aron42486

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    Colors look good. If your paint is flaking off it is prolly too thick of a layer, it happened to me in a few spots. Moisture could also be a problem, as was mentioned.
  10. yoopees

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    What type of spray are you using?

    Here are some "types" I guess you could say.

    Appliance, Chalkboard, Epoxy Enamel, Frosted, High Heat, Lacquer, Stain Fix, and Vinyl.

    Depending on what material you are using, you need to get the correct spray.
    For instance, when I was working on my power ranger helmets, the primer kept cracking and getting all wavy. I thought nothing of it, and sprayed a layer of paint. The primer went through it and it look cracked. The primer "ate" through the paint.
    Turns out, I use the wrong type of spray for resin based castings. The answer to fix my problem....epoxy enamel primer and paint. Originally, I used a car automotive primer, but that does not stick well with resin based items, or at least the one I bought.

    The best solution is to figure out what "sticks" well with your castings.

    For most people, that paint models and casts, epoxy is best, but lacquer can work, if it's like foam, but again u need to figure out what "sticks" best.

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