Paint for silicone/rubber breastplate and belt


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Hi, all.

I am working on a Wonder Woman costume and I got a breastplate and belt. They are made of silicone/rubber and I want to paint them the traditional gold instead of leaving them silver they way they are now. The question is: what paint to use on this material that will adhere to the silicone and won't flake, chip or peel. Is there a paint or dye that can be used? I have attached two images to give you an idea of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! IMG_20150605_210051_593.jpg IMG_20150605_210040_228.jpg

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Are you positive they are silicone? They look more like urethane to me.

Silicone and urethane have very different painting processes so I don't want anyone to advise you incorrectly.


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Thanks. I am not sure at all. I picked them up at a garage sale. That's why I posted here before I attempted to paint them. Is there any way I can determine what they are made of?

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Silicone is generally softer and more pliable. Urethane rubber will have a plastic-y feel to it where silicone has a distinctly rubber feel.

The shiny black back, rigidity, and cold casting all point to the pieces being urethane rubber.

Painting urethane is very difficult. Not much of anything wants to stick to the stuff. You can try Smooth-On's Brush On 40 with their cold casting bronze powder mixed in, and it will give you color and should hopefully bond.

My only concern is the cold casting powders already on the piece, and the age of the piece. Generally if you're painting urethane you want to do it as soon as it's out of the mold for the best bond. You may want to consider picking up some Bulldog Adhesion Promoter to prime the pieces as well.
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