PAIN 101 - CASEY JONES MASK - UPDATE 5-2-14 DONE!!!!(lotsa pics!)


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Hey, guys! Just finished this up.

I've always loved Casey Jones, and that MASK! So I decided to put my own spin on everyone's favorite angry smart ass goalie.

I pulled inspiration from some of the Casey Jones masks I've seen in the past, and added some elements from other masks I've always liked('89 Batman, Predator, to name a few).

Here are some photos of the sculpting phase.

Then, I scraped, and polished, and buffed, and buffed, and buffed, and buffed some more. Resulting in a nice, glassy smooth and symmetrical sculpt!

I molded with Rebound 25 from Smooth On, with an Ultracal 30 mother mold. It came out great, and I could almost mold the clay again when it came out so clean.

Then, I cast one in Smoothcast 300 liquid resin. A little weathering, and some adjustable elastic straps, and he's ready to stalk the sewers looking for scum!

Let me know what you guys think! Feedback welcomed. And thanks for looking!
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Re: Casey mother#$@&ing Jones! (WIP)

Looks great! Both cheeks look good, but I personally like the one on the left in that last picture.


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Re: Casey mother#$@&ing Jones! (WIP)

Read my mind! I think the one of the left has a more "sinister" look to it.

Thanks for the kind words, sir!


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Re: Casey mother#$@&ing Jones! (WIP)

Preference for the left one also. Right one is too sleek. Our left... Casey's right...