P2 Rebreather Commission for Xenosphinx Update 05/01/2011


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Whats Up Pred heads been a long minute since i posted anything or made any paint threads. So here is one for you guys for a Commission IM doing for Larry Aka Xenosphinx.

I am Prepping and Painting a P2 Rebreather for him So here are some work in progress pics IF you guys have any questions or comments feel free to Post.

So Far I have the Entire Rebreather preped and it has received a Coat of primer as well as Two Coats Rostuleum hammered Silver.

The Hoses have also been primered and Coated Twice with Hammered Silver

I plan Tommorrow to do its Next two Coats of Hammerd Copper and Gold leaf and than Monday i hope to detail it and Possible Wednesday weather it all up.

So here are the pics so far guys enjoy






Here are few more pics from past few days
So far i have added additional layers of hammered Copper, Metallic Brass, Inca Gold, Flat Brown and Rust

There was some over cast spray that did get on the silver nostrel and mouth area so i will be hand touching those areas up with hammer silver before i weather also still need to hand paint parts of the rebreather finish the hoses and than weather it all up more to come






Another Update guys breather is almost done just have to touch up the bottom gills with copper and than clear coat it and it will be all done this rendition came out just a tad darker than the promo pic of the movie design ill try to post a comparison pic once i finish it. But for now here are the updated pics




Here is a Final Pic of rebreather Enjoy


Thanks For Looking
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I found that info while looking up AVP comics
Predators kidnap Ripley and train her to fight robo aliens and it states that on the ship she could feel the high levels of nitrogen in the air
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