P1 Wall Sconce- FINISHED


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Hello. once again another project to work on among the other three i have going right now.

after seeing Jason's fiberglass bio from Termokk and him shining a light through it, i immediately decided i needed one and needed to turn it into a wall light.

so here we go!

just finished the wood plaque. next step will be staining it then fixing the hardware to it that will hold the bio and light.

last pic has the light on behind it.






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Fanfreakingtastic! Before I painted mine, I kept it right in front of the lamp that I took the pics with. I wanted to leave it there, but alas I would need 5 more since I have 6 of those lamps. Looks Great Daman - gonna keep my eye on this one


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thanks guys.

Lem- i have a stain that is almost black. i have to try it out on a piece and see if i like it. was thinking of painting the groove with a red.

anybody have any other ideas for a stain? def want to stain it. not paint.


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others will say why i say why not...dude that is a kick ass idea...

every bio is a work of art, that takes it to a new level


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thanks for all the kudos everyone. i got the idea from Jason so it's not totally all my doing. plus luckily Termokk casts in FG resin.

go right ahead Clay! i would love to see how you mount yours. give Corey (termokk) a pm for a really nice and strong Fiberglass P1


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hey guys small update. i stained the wood with a black oil.
and i fixed my blades that snapped in half but i am having trouble deciding how they should lay

What do you people think

option 1
Dread Blades


Option 2
Upwards facing


Option 3
positioned vertically


or if you guys can think of something that would look better let me know!!
and for funnsies



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Option 2 so far. Need to see option 3 straight on tho as I like the depth it gives.. Might think about doing something with the bottom end of the blades instead of just the square look. Just my opinion

Darth Pinhead

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Option three, but as Clay commented, curve the the top of the back down into the wood, so it's not square. Perhaps, continue the curve from the front of the blade to the back. Do a quick mock-up with cardboard to check it. Would it look stupid to have the rear of the blades tucked under the chin and actually have the blades extend past the bottom of the plaque (Still standing vertically, as in #3)? Damn shame the plaque isn't large enough to make it look skull & bones...
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