P1 Helmet & Base Interest Thread by the Designer & Sculptor!!!


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I've Created this Thread to see if there's enough interest to Create & offer To Customers a Complete set of "Predator 1 Helmet & Base" (Including L.E.D Lasers, and a Custom Plaque)... since a few Fans have been asking if I would offer them...
Years ago (When I was Young :) ) While working for "Icons Authentic Replicas" as their Main Sculptor, I was given the Chance to redesign the Base which the Predator 1 Helmet would be mounted on, here are a couple of Photos of my original Sculpt, I'll add more photos as I find them (If anyone is interested in seeing them...)
Attached are also Photos of my own Personal Predator Helmet I worked on for display (while it's still in the early Stages, you get the idea of how detailed a Paint-job I'm doing)... The Base needs a bit of Gold & Copper accents before its completed but it's been on hold wile other projects were priority...
One of my Customers suggested I offer a Custom Plaque that could be Signed as an Artist original so I'm Posting the Design Render to give you an idea of what I have in mind...

Price based on the minumum number (10) of Buyers for this run of the Helmet with Bases...

I will Not be offering Unpainted Kits, this is only for Painted Display Replica Helmets & will be a limited run...

This would be a Predator 1 Helmet 2nd Generation (Or 3rd depending on how you look at it)
- Helmet Painted to more accurately match the Screen used Helmet
- L.E.D. Laser Included
- Custom Plaque from the original Artist & designer of the Base
-Certificate of Authenticity

Pred Base Sculpt 1.jpg Pred Base Sculpt 2.jpg

Pred Helm 1.jpg Pred Helm 2.jpg Pred Helm 3.jpg

Pred Base 1.jpg Pred Base 2.jpg Pred Base 3.jpg

Plaque ART Flat.jpg

For a finished example of an Etched Plaque check out my other thread...

PRICE: (Shipping is NOT Included!)


Post here if you would like to be added to the Interest list! Just say "ADD ME"...)
(I'll update this as it progresses)
(This is Just an interest List & you are Not committed officially until a Deposit has been received...)

Interest List:
(1) Glendon Taylor (Complete: Fully Painted)
(2) GeneralFROSTY (unpainted)
(3) nick daring (unpainted)
(4) mugatu
(5) Blind Voyeur (unpainted)
(6) maxhebus (unpainted)
(7) CrankyScorpion
(8) rowdecowby (complete)
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In regards to the Final Cost, there are a Number of Factors Involved... (I'm NOT Ignoring the Requests!)

(1) The Helmet & Base have to be Remolded (Not Cheap!)
(2) The Electronics for the L.E.D. Lasers need to be Assembled.
(3) Stencils for the Battle Damage need to be Created.
(4) The Plaque Etchings have to be Created, Numbered & Stamped...
(5) The "Certificate of Authenticity" has to be Designed & Printed out then Stamped with the Matching Numbers to the Plaque.
(6) The Materials (Fiberglass, Primer, Paints, Etc) need to be Priced and Bought in Bulk...
(7) & MORE Buyers Brings Down the Final Cost!


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I put up this same post on the RPF & a few people wanted a "Paint your own Helmet Option"...
Does that sound like something you may also want here?


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If anyone has any questions about the Helmet & Base, I'll be doing a Q & A on Predator Collectables Youtube Channel @ 3:30pm Pacific..(or 5:30pm Central Standard Time)...


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Just to Clarify... "This is a Limited Run"...
after this offering there Will be No More made Available...
To make this happen I need 10 Committed buyers otherwise I can't offer it...

I do understand some Only want the Helmet... but this is a Set that has Never been offered in over 20+ Years & will Not be offered again.

I was specifically asked by many Fans to offer this Set, so I worked hard to come up with a reasonable Price for all the work involved, if more were committed to buy, then I could try to redo the Budget & may be able to lower the price even more...

This is a Collectable of a Casting made from the original Mold... you will Not find anything closer to this quality or accuracy...
Predator Collectors... if you want this to happen, now is the time...

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