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Hi everybody,
since I recently got my first face mask from Lee, I could finally start to sculpt a bio that would fit something and here it is.
I covered the mask with duct tape and put a layer of fiberglass on it and then pull it off the mask and sculpt on it so the bio should fit the mask nicely.
Anyway heres some pix, just getting to basic shape.



Hi guys,
thanks for your comments and here's another small update.

Btw Hez mine too, actually this one is competing with AVP elder in my head all the time, cant decide wich ones better :lol: .


Yes, more sculpting! Looking good, you've done it the right way by planning in advance, factoring in the mask that's going to be underneath it before throwing down the clay.
Can't wait to see more.
Hi guys,
Im back finally. My room has been successfully repainted and some of my stuff is back in here again so I got back to this bio.
Its a shame, cause Im leaving on Sunday for holiday and am getting back in two months or so, so this thing needs to be finished on Friday and moulded on Saturday/Sunday.
I wont be doing laser housing on this one until I get back, there simply not enough time :( .
Here are some pics, lets see how it looks on Friday heh :D




That's looking pretty good man. If I can make a suggestion, the nose looks a little narrow, just in the way it tapers inwards before widening out a little at the chin. That could maybe do with a little filling out. Other than that it looks great, you've got the proportions looking really good.
Greetings hunters :D ,
here's some update.
What do you think folks, is it going to be done by tomorrow morning or not? :( I hope it is.

Hez : thanks for advice, I changed the bottom nose lil bit, but I think it will need more.
And thanks every1 for comments




Hi guys,
my bio is finished. I will do a lil clean up around hose holes eventually and that would be all I guess.

Unfortunately for me, I vent down to the only store where I always buy silicon and stuff, but they took a day off !!! grrr they have usually opened on Saturdays, but not this one. The store is closed on Sunday and am leaving Monday morning so it has to wait 5 weeks until I get back and you know I woder hows it gonna look like in 5 weeks :( .

Here's pics, enjoy






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