P1 Big Time Kit resculpt/repaint


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I was thinking of doing this for a long time, and now I decided to do it.
This is the 1/3 P1 from Big Time kits which I bought in 1999 If I remember correctly.
I was not satisfied with the paintjob I did and did not liked how the dreads were sculpt to the head.
So I cut of the back of the head and resculp the whole thing over.
First I filled it all up with clay, and the last layer will be done with magic sculp(Resin)
I’m going to make all individual dreads of resin, and repaint it all.

This is were it stands so far.


I have to let it dry for a bit and then I can put on the last layer of resin.

Nice I also have this kit and I was thinking of reworking mine also. Will be watching this thread as well. Oh whats the work time with this 'magic sculp'?
Nice I also have this kit and I was thinking of reworking mine also. Will be watching this thread as well. Oh whats the work time with this 'magic sculp'?

Once you have completely mixed the two components, you have about 45min to 1hr of working time. Depending on the temperature in your workspace, when it is cold you have a longer working time and when you have warm room temperature you have less working time. After 24 hours its rock hard.

your are very brave for cutting half of your pred's head 0.0
I'm gonna keep an eye on your thread! it's interesting, I'm really curious to see how he'll turn out :)
Just putting on a layer of resin on top of the clay.
Because I also cut of a piece of the shouldermount I have to create it as well.
When it has dried I put on some skin detail, and the armor ontop of his upperback/neck.


Just finnished putting the crown on the head.
It is not as how it should look but, he looks more like the wolf now
The original shape is more round and now I have made it pointy.
But I think it looks ok, so I leave it like this.

The upper part of the backpack is beginning to take shape.
The only thing I’m struggling with is the neckband.
Because I made the space between de gun mount and the head a little too small, I can’t make a complete neckband.
But I think when the dreads are in place you cannot see the mistake a made.

I hope the backpack has a movie likeness, if not let me know.


This whole process has been very impressive to watch.It looks like you've done this before.It took some courage to chop up this big kit and resculpt the parts.Looking forward to seeing the finale.
Just finished up the new blades, because the old blades where very ugly.
The new blades are made of multiple layers of evergreen plastic


The siver colored ones are the old ones

Really great sculpting work to blend the surrounding detail on the head and armour, and fine scratch work on the blades. I'm totally impressed with your work on this.

It's been a long time I have worked on the kit, because I had some other projects to finish.
What you see here is the second series of dreads, because I screwed up the first series of 66 dreads.
What I did was I made the dreads and put them into a shape and let it dry. I thougt if the shape is not correct I shape them further with a hairdryer (resin gets soft when heated)
But it didn't go the way I planned to. A lot of the dreads broke wile bending, because they didn't bend that much.
So I decided to make new ones and let them dry to the point they almost didn't bend anymore, and shape them to the head and let it dry overnight.
The dreads are glued with a small amount of superglue so I can take them of easily, because the next step is to put rings on the dreads.

And this is the result.



Nice rebuild parts Erwin, did you use aves putty?
Are you leave dreads on…… if so need be precise when paint armor and other parts………
Yes I used aves putty.
The dreads are glued with a litlle amount of glue so I can take them of at any time to paint.
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