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Next piece is a new greeblie on the backside of this blaster that to my knowledge has not been seen yet and surprised me when I saw it. Again this looks to have been added on after the movie as I havenÂ’t seen this anywhere else as of yet. So it looks to be so blue plastic part with a knurled wheel on the inside of the one end. This could be anything from a toy noisemaker or anything picked up out of a scrap junk box. Also the pics are reversed, as these are shoots taken with the mirror backing of the backside of the blaster. Oh and it sits on the scope rail of the ejector port side, right between the scope rings.

yep, they had/have little phones on them. i may have a device or two at home that may still have the british plug on it i can dig out for reference.
Next point of interest is another new greeblie on the backside of this blaster that is actually not there. ItÂ’s actually just a blank spot where a greeblie was but is not there any more, so letÂ’s call it the mystery disk, umm I mean greeblie. So it looks to have fallen off before it was mounted as it is not in the display case and you can see the left over glue and the absence of paint. This is also on the backside / ejector port side, on the rail toward the front of the gun. Oh and I this seems to be another case of added stuff after the movie, maybe.

Just to cool!
Hey Chris, any way to find out how long those connectors have been around?

If they were made after ANH it would confirm that they were added later.
Well, the broken-off part confirms one thing: it wasn't part of the master prop used to make the mold. It was added after casting and before painting.
On the number if ribs on the tip, I went with 12 on my prototype and still thought there could be more and they were supposed to be smaller. I think this is the best pic I got of the blaster tip. From counting the bottom half of the ribs and rounding off to an even number I get 16.

So my count is possibly 16 ribs, anyone else?

LetÂ’s see, when I stood on the bench my eye level was about even with the bottom of the display case. When you stand on the ground I think I was eye level with the name plaque on the wall. Richard you and I are about the same height I think (IÂ’m 6Â’2) so you cam just stand on the bench and hold a camera up and get a lot of pics. You also have to hold the camera at an angle to the Plexiglas in order not to get a glare coming right back at you from the flash. I was tall enough to reach up to the top of the case and try and take a pic looking down into it, but it was way to dusty up there to see through. So if you want to get some real weird looks, take some Windex and rags to clean the case before taking pics.


Also, I took about 100 pics or so and about 50 or more are really good and you can see good detail but most are all of the same areas. I am planning to burn these all of CD for those that want them too. So EVERYONE please send me all the pics you wish to share of this blaster and I will put together a REF. CD. You can also post more pics here, but Email me the big high Res pics if you have any and please keep this thread free of posting that you are interested in a CD. I will start another thread later to see if people are interested in the REF CD.

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TK818 wrote:
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Just to cool!
Hey Chris, any way to find out how long those connectors have been around?

If they were made after ANH it would confirm that they were added later.
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Let me call someone to double check, but I think it was the early to mid 80's.
I've heard stories that Bapty has sold some questionable "original" props before. This could be the case here. This one might be a recast or from the original molds, but I don't think it's screen used. Still very accurate for reference purposes besides the add on parts.
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