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OK, maybe I should change the title and pull in the other stuff from the last thread I had up on this gun. Or get them to merge the 2 threads and save them.
Those rectangular pieces just below the scope on the left side also look like Kobold Flash Shoes. Just take a Flash Shoe, flip it over and the back has the same lines on it.

In fact, from one view, it looks like the area underneath these parts is hollow, similating the "railing" on a flash shoe:

Those square greeblies are strange.
They aren't on the Rebel blaster in the opening scene of ANH.
They look tacked on.
One is on the scope rail and one is on the main body of the gun.

I wonder if they were parts that fell off and were glued back in the wrong place.
Perhaps they are the greeblies that go behind the scope.

Boy, this is a huge find and it's already being buried on page three.
I can't believe I didn't notice this before...
The back was NOT cut down. The entire grip and trigger assembly was moved BACK! It's moved back about an inch to cover the pivot point of the stock.
I agree with TK818's assessment that the front chunk was cut off and reattached - thus squaring off the front of the ejection port.
Taking both of these into account that leaves only one seamline on the rebuilt gun which makes more sense and explain why it looks so clean.

BTW- Isn't this PH one an Imperial version? Details vary from the Rebel ones and it does have a solid scope.
lonepigeon wrote:
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BTW- Isn't this PH one an Imperial version? Details vary from the Rebel ones and it does have a solid scope.

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Chris, are you holding back some info here. I have not been able to dig up any good info about major differences between the two.

Please list what differences you know between the two.

Richard, I like your ideas on the blaster being pieced together as why the ejector port has a square end.
I thought someone had posted pics of some odd greeblies spotted on the Imperial version in another thread. I was just throwing that out as a possible explanation.
A quick check of one seen in the detention block area clearly shows the clear cone and no differences.
There could be other versions, stunts etc.

Edit: found the pic I was thinking of. It was posted by TK818 in the other thread:

Definitely now the same greeblies, but a noticibly different version.
Right, I was thinking of pulling over some of that information onto this thread, to make sure we were covering as much info as we could while talking theory here.

So here is TK818's picture of the back greeblie.

TK818 wrote:
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Here are some other mystery parts on the right side of the Imperial DH17:


They sort of look like wire connectors.

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I also think they look like wire connectors, probably fork style crimp connectors. So the only place this has been seen so far is in the Detention block on the DST blaster, right?

Also, I see from that thread why we were thrown off on the track of this blaster being at the PH in S. Lake Tahoe. So the other one, the ESB version is possibly at the PH in Orlando?
More info from the other thread:

TK818 wrote:
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The real mystery are the gold greblies behind the scope.
Circled here in blue:



lonepigeon wrote:
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Here's the ESB for comparison:
<img src=http://mywebpages.comcast.net/lonepigeon/esbdh17.gif>

It uses several model parts for detail including a couple from the V8. The camshaft and a part I JUST found looking at the pics again. the tip of the top rail is part #62-H of the V-8.
Time to go add one more to the page!

PS- the V8 kit parts don't show up until ESB props, so none of them are on the ANH.
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Is anyone here planning on doing a screen accurate one of these? IE, resin w/thick trigger guard and no trigger? If so, pleeeeeease pm me

Hey, Hey...guess where I went today on my trip back from Reno?

Well, I'll tell you ....PH in S. Lake Tahoe and I had my digital camera with me too.

Let me sort through some pics tomorrow and I will post the good stuff. I hope to have a lot of detail pics with my middle of the line camera, makes me wish I had a better one now. Oh and if the pics look pretty good I am thinking of gathering up all of the know pics and putting together a REF. CD as I have saved almost every pic I have ever seen on line.

So my basic review of this resin blaster is that is looks like crap but you guys seem to like that look mostly. I want to build mine more HERO style, with a trigger and clean lines. But it was still great to see this thing first hand. I was kind of in shock as I have been trying to research this thing for many months now and to have one just inches away from you behind glass is pretty cool. More news to come soon.
obi1kenny wrote:
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So my basic review of this resin blaster is that is looks like crap
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aw baby you know what i like!

yeah yeah, hero shmero... someday i'll have a nice crappy one and be happy i say!!!

can't wait to see the pics.
Earthangel34 wrote:
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So how many ribs on the barrel?

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Very good question, I will try and count from the pics I took and the other pics that are posted. Someone else take a count and letÂ’s get this nailed down.

BTW, the gun is still mounted up on the wall pretty high so itÂ’s hard to see the whole thing. I stood on the cushioned seat bench for a while holding my camera over my head taking a lot of pics. I took a bunch of pics before we ordered and after we finished eating. My girlfriend was very embarrassed and had to leave after we were done eating. She told me everyone was starring at me and a few people even moved to different tables. But the people that worked there didnÂ’t mind too much, some came up and asked me what I was doing but told me I was free to take as many pics as I wanted. Oh and by strange twist of fait we were actually seated at the both just to the right of the blaster.
OK, first thing we will start with is the piece behind the mag cutout.
Looking at it from the bottom of the gun, the profile has a triangle shape with a radiuses top. It is about as wide as the mag cutout itself and sticks out about ½” tall from the body of the gun. That is what I think it originally looked like. The pics show that is has a big swoosh type cut on the lower portion as half of the part is broken off.

The mag side greeblies looks to be a network style phone jack style plug. IÂ’m sure someone in the computer tech network or phone repair field will be able to give us the correct name. It looks pretty damn close to the Network card plug I have on my computer right now with the exception of having 6 teeth slots/pins were my network card has 8. Also, I do think these were added after the movie and are not screen accurate.


Bothan Jedi wrote:
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the jacks look like the one's British Telecom use to connect phones to the wall box in your house.
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Ah, could be. It has a little pic of a phone right on it, if you look close.
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