Ozymandius Rocketeer Helmet build


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First and foremost have to apologize for my crappy cell phone pics. I'm still out of town at the moment and didn't bring my camera transfer cable.

Anyways, I brought this with me to work on while I'm up here. I'll be heading home again for a few days and will pick up a few things to help to complete this build up. It's my first time with a rocketeer helmet and I've got alot of my inspiration from Dualedge's work

So here it is as of now...mostly sanded, cleaned up the eyes and the teeth pretty well. I need to do ALOT of filler work to get the helmet as smooth as possible. The fin is getting there, as I'd like to get it fitting well before I go through with finishing that off. The penciled circles you see are all the areas that need filler lol






I need some opinions on the fins placement between the eyes for the experts..


lmk what you all think!

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