Ozymandias Rocketeer helmet finally finished. Pic heavy.


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A long time ago I started work on the Ozymandias Rocketeer helmet. After bondo, sanding priming, bondo, sanding, priming I kinda forgot about it. But A week ago I found it and decided to finish the job.
The paint process was as follows.
Caos Black with a clear varnish as the base color. I then airbrushed 3 layers of Alclad Polished Brass (PB) followed by a coat of Alclad clear varnish. I found that the brass look died a little with the varnish so I gave it a light top coat of PB. The weldings was airbrushed with Alclade Chrome. I did the dirt/distressing with Vallejo model wash Dark Grey 76.517. I used a rather large flat brush to stap dirt on the entire surface. I did it in small portions and used a cloth to whipe and dab the color. Finally I gave some of the larger areas a thin coat of PB.
To make the liner I covered the inner surface with duck tape, drew the lens and mouth in with a marker, and drew lines where I wanted cut it so it could be transformed in to a flat surface. It made of two pieces, a face piece that stops at the top of the head and a neck piece that runs from cheek to cheek. The finished liner was glued in with a glue gun,
The lenses was my biggest fear, but I ended up simply heating them to 100°C in an oven, and then shaping thm in to place using my hands wearing thin cotton gloves. That worked perfect, and i could even reheat the lenses if the first attempt didn't work out. Theres zero distortion because the inside is as smooth as the outside. When using a sponge you get a pattern imprint on the inside of the lens, this was avoided using hands/cotton gloves.

I'm pleased with the look, the Alclad was way better than I had dared to hope for.
_DSC0010.jpg _DSC0002.jpg _DSC0003.jpg _DSC0001.jpg _DSC0005.jpg _DSC0004.jpg _DSC0006.jpg _DSC0007.jpg _DSC0009.jpg









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Thanks, I must admit that it grows on me as I look at it. That Alclad is awesome. The pigment is so fine that it flows completely together and looks like a brass surface.


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I really love the paint job you did on this, I'm currently in the middle of my own build but am having trouble with the inside liner. do you have any resources or tips for someone who is just starting out sewing?

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