OWK AOTC/ROTS salt shaker saber on auction at Celbration

Anakin Starkiller

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Here's my two cents on this prop.

I don't think it was made for TPM. The activation button and led bezels are different then any of the ones used on any of the props on that film.

There are pics of it on the set of rots. So, the prop was either made for sith or was made for aotc to replace a lost metal hero and then modified for sith.

el toro

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I’ve always liked this model along with the TPM version. Thanks for posting the photos!


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Thanks for posting, I always like these prototype or never used props. I wonder why the blade emitter had 3 holes, none of the PQ sabers neglected to at least have a hole for the rod

James Kenobi 1138

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There are a few (at least 1) on-set photos of this prop from ROTS. Apparently Obi was going to start the movie with this saber but lose it early on and replace it with the known EP3 saber but that idea was scrapped and instead he just always has the EP3 saber.


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I believe those on-set photos were actually early costume/lighting/camera/whatever test photos, taken in Padme’s apartment set. There are photos of Christensen in the same set, probably taken around the same time.


I would guess that the prop department made the salt shaker saber just in case Lucas decided to transition from the TMP/AOTC style prop to the ANH style during ROTS. So, that prop, already being on hand, was used for the photo session. Of course, Kenobi ended up starting out in the film with the ANH-style saber.