Overwatch: Reinhardt 'Uprising Skin' - FINISHED!


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I've been working on this for awhile but now there's only a hand full of days to go to finish it. So i've procrastinated enough it's time to get it done.This Reinhardt is for me, the Reaper for my son (13) and the D.Va, which is the least work, is for my daughter (10).I've done one cosplay so far which was Boba Fett for myself and my son last year but this build is all foam and i've not worked with it although i've read a ton of threads and watched alot of vids. One of my fav builds on therpf was watching MWiggs build his magnificent Raynor. Without epic builds like this it's unlikely that mere mortals like myself would even get the courage up to even attempt large scale builds. Saying that there are tons of wonderful oversize builds on here and they are all inspiring and no doubt i'll be drawing on them all either consciously or subconsciously to get my own build done.As noted, i've been on this build for awhile and as the deadline is now approaching and I start this thread I realise how many features i've dropped to hit my goal on time, some will be added back in slowly when the pressure is off and some may have never been practical at all... but we'll see.

Anyway, on with the pics.I mainly lent on MWiggs build for the base support for the feet. I had no 3d printer so i just dremeled off the top curve of the T joint and bolted that flat against the wood. It's solid for now.

I used gardening sprinkler hose and joints to make the spring, it less rigid than PVC pipe but still has plenty of push.

Cheapo slip on runners which i bolted on through the soles then put the sole cover back in place.

I will mention Reinhardt scaling before going any further as well... there appears to me 2 ways to scale him, one based on the size of his head and the other on the size of his helmet. In most images his helmet is tiny compared to his body and when he has his helmet off it's pretty clear that there's no way that helmet fits over that big scon. So I chose to build based on his real scale according to this he's 7'4".
That is with helmet on which I think actually means to scale for real life means that the images without the helmet are closer to 'real' scale. Anyway, that's what I went for.So, using Armorsmith (Thanks Randy, none of this I would have attempted without the use of your awesome software, keep up the epic work <3) I made the feet first then scaled him appropriately from my crotch to where the tip of the helmet to make him 7'4".

That said, i love the massive builds of him.. they are awesome, just not for me.


Then started on the foam parts for the feet and made plans for the legs.


Did some of the detail on the feet.
Then made the calves and knees.

Speaking of which, the knees are rough as guts, I ruin them eventually (but i'll get to that) and have to remake them. The seams, in fact all my seams are very, very rough, as noted i've not really worked with eva foam at all so it's my first attempt as Frivvi Fox would say 'No judging' :) ...but judge anyway ;) any feedback or advice is appreciated and judging is part of the process of helping.See...awful.


I just wanted to see how rough they are... they are rough. This is a light sand, some filler, plastidip, primer then silver.
Anyway, whilst building/procrastinating I keep thinking about how the best way to do things are. Like most large builds how the hands are going to work is at the top of list and i do alot of sketches using the bungee system, I think about buying a 3d printer and going down that rout but mostly i think of this <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=253279" href="http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=253279">fine thread&nbsp;</a>&nbsp;and Alphatech has made his beautiful hands.

Mainly I have this dream of how the forearm is one unit connected to the elbow and upper arm and the hand is connected to a barrel which holds the entire hand mechanism so the wrist can turn as well as the fingers move.... i'll see if this comes to reality or not.I bite the bullet and get myself a 3D printer and begin on the parts for the kids costumes. I start with the reaper mask and D.Va gun and the files are freely available, I won't post them here but if you want the link then PM me. Oh.. i also have to learn to use the printer, I won't go into it but i had a rocky road before I start to get usable prints :) but that's half the fun.

It goes togethor nicely and the job of sanding, sanding, priming, sanding etc begins... i'm not convinced about the speed of 3d printing yet as i'm sure i could have sculpted cast and molded the mask with less effort and it would have been quicker. Saying that I do love my 3d printer :)

I take the lenses out of some old Raybans and use Nightshades on them to make the lenses black.

meanwhile off the print bed the guns and some D.Va parts.
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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

I then go through a long convulated process of getting a 3d printable Reinhardt helmt going to the correct scale. Rein's helmet must be super tight fitting on my head to make sure the scaling looks right. So, after getting a 3d file for the helmet, running it through 378 different programs (i'm not good at the 3d printing thing yet or the design part...but i will be :) ) i finally get some usable parts... the helmet just scrapes over my ears but the front appeasr massive so I decide i've sepnt way to long trying to get it printed and mmove on to other parts. I figure I can fix it closer to the end or if not then whip one up in foam. I definately spent alot of time on it though..too much time.


I move onto more important parts ... the under chassis. It's alot of paper...


I also break out the airbrush and get cracking on the mask. I decide to slightly more real and less cartoony.



Threw in the lenses, thin eva foam padding and elastic strapping, all just hot glues straight in.

The shoulders are huuuuge! really starting to feel big, the torso felt small to this point and i was starting to think the feet were too big as well and had started to despair..this was only last week by the way.

Now, though.. i think i can see my scale is Ok

Easter is done and some oversized easter egg containers look good for the fuel cells.

I cover them in some thin eva and leave space for the lighting (if i have time..lights have very unfortunately fallen into the 'if i have time' category :( )

I put a PVC bar in for the shoulder brace and bolt some uprights on for the shoulders to slide on, the shoulders have a joint and the slide over the uprights, this way the can swivel in most directions and lift up and down. I'm happy with the movement and add a bolt to stop them slipping too low and elastic to spring them back down.


Meanwhile the reaper guns get some love.... i even get help.

Time for the upper arms and elbow pads ... i find some nice sized plastic cups to slot through instead of making bad eva ones.


Time for the forearms.


At one point during the build we got robbed and my laptop was stolen... most of the build was easy to restore from various save files but the thighs i'd already cut out but not assembled...

So.. i had a pile of parts but not the way i'd pepped it in armour smith... so i could either jigsaw it togethor or redo the entire thing. I tried the jigsaw but wished the entire time to start from scratch... it was hell. It took me 2 days to make the thighs and meanwhile i procrasinated by starting some shoulder details.


At this point I also realised i'd not tried anything on since I made the boots... so first rough test fit.
As you can see my head is too high so i need to adjust the strapping. I have inserted a drink style water backpack inside and



Just holding the arm pieces in place in that shot.

Back to the fuel cells, i was ok with the whole egg shape ... but not really, so I make cylinders and slice them diagonally.



Also, this arrived ...


I'd been waiting for this to arrive forever but I had a backup plan.. i just didn't want to have to enact it. I would have to mask off and spray the D.Va suit myself... time consuming and it would mean cutting more features off of Rein. So this arriving was a relief.

Anyway, enough for today...I do have more to post but it's time to sleep and there's only 5 days to go :(
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Looking amazing!!!

I love that your kids are getting into it, got to get mine started :)

Reinhardt is my next build so keep the posts coming.

Don't quit, I worked on my reaper everyday for a month prior to the event. Last few days where very long but they payed off in the end.

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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Looking amazing!!!

I love that your kids are getting into it, got to get mine started :)

Reinhardt is my next build so keep the posts coming.

Don't quit, I worked on my reaper everyday for a month prior to the event. Last few days where very long but they payed off in the end.

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Thanks so muc, the support is appreciated. :) I'm back in the garage and will update tonight when i'm done for the day.
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Looks amazing man, three projects at ones I would become nuts. I love the paintjob on reaper's mask btw!

Soon I'll have to start my S76 mask, wish i had a 3D printer for that. Masks are new for me -.-'.

Good luck on your builds.

Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Thanks man, i love your soldier build. That rifle is exquisite.
Looks amazing man, three projects at ones I would become nuts. I love the paintjob on reaper's mask btw!

Soon I'll have to start my S76 mask, wish i had a 3D printer for that. Masks are new for me -.-'.

Good luck on your builds.

Ok, i'll throw the remaining pics in with a lil text and that will bring the build up to the minute. With 4 days to go now.

This is how I reinforced the shoulders.

The entire upper torso, shoulder bells, and arms will be resting on this ring so even with only a few things on i saw the irrigation hose start to buckle. I cut some PVC pipe to size then, to bend it without it just folding I used some sand (in this case I borrowed my daughters magic sand and hoped the heat didn't cause a chemical reaction .. it didn't, but to be safe use some real sand or dirt if you use this method) once the tube is filled with sand when heat it up it's now easier to bend it to shape without it folding on itself. The curve is not perfect but i got it to shape and it still carries the strength of the PVC becuase it didn't fold.


This is the water backback in place, the actual water bladder part is currently removed but i could add it back in for a water hose to drink from if i need to.


I didn't like the shape of the fuel cells with the easter egg casings so i decided to make new ones. I made the correct size cylinders to fill the holes then cut them diagonally after a test fit and hopedm for a 50% split.

I think some photos in the previous post show these already in but this is how they look with all of them in. I did 6 of the 10 like this and then 4 flatter ones where movement might be impaired if they were bigger.


I mentioned earlier that my knees were messy. I have never built in foam before so the knees were a test item, they were small easy to build and therefore easy to replace if i messed them up.
Firstly, my intial design had lots of seams. These could have been made with zero seams but i wasn't as cluey at this point on how much the foam could hold that type of bend so i went with it and cleaned up the seams. sanded, primed, plasti-dipped and even painted one silver to see how it looked. I wasn't ahppy with them but i learnt alot on a small replaceeable part. I also hated my foam knee nubs, they shapes were not quite round.
So, i figured i could cover all the seams in 2mm foam and replace the nubs with some plastic containers i'd found the Reject Shop.
So i cut the nubs off.

Sized the plastic nubs up.

Cut the holes through.

Got them all cleaned up and ready for the 2mm foam and applied the contact cement.

and then totally trashed them :)

They're in the bin now but at least i learnt some more things.

The shoulders i was going to use skate board bearings so they could swing that direction and flattened PVC joint to let them move the other axiz to emulate the movement of a ball joint if possible.
This is only pushed in for test fit.

Then i was going to but a bolt in and PVC hinge downwards. Then common sense made me decide that the simplest solution is often the most elegant.

This also allows the correct movement ... simpler and quicker too. The weight of the arms on it means they should never jump upwards and i'm going to reduce the slack so that axis is minimal anyway.


I also got going on the jig saw that was the thighs and they are far from perfect btu will do.
This is on ground level...my microphone stand only goes so high.

This is the mic stand raised up to a little short of where the correct height should be. That orange is also a little plastic bowl i put in to replace my awful foam one.

Both legs side by side.

I am now all about the connections and strapping today.

This photo is from a few days ago and shows that I pull a funny face when i concentrate on balancing and the range of movement..this will be reduced once then thighs are involved but overall i'm happy.

..and this final picture i where I am mabout to pic up today.

The strapping continues...
Last night I unfolded all reaper parts in Armoursmith as well as the mighty hammer... the shield I still plan to do but is now sadly in the 'if i have time' box.
Today's to do list
1) Strapping and connections for all parts. Strap the codpiece for walking comfort,
2) Clean up of all parts, including superglue outer seams where splitting, reinforce inner seams on weak portions, seal all seams.
3) Cut out all outer armour parts and get moving on details. These parts are ready to go on foam but not cut out yet.
4) Tonight a relaxing night in front of the telly cutting out the hammer parts.
5) Time and energy dependent...unfold the shield.

Anyway, it's now 10:20am Sydney time on the 9th may 2017. This post is now caught up and it's time to get crackin.
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Well, I missed the deadline. Had one of those weeks where rescued a dog, dog ran away, looked for 3 days, found dog, got sick, phone bricked itself, rent went up, power blackout with car stuck in garage due to electric door etc etc.. you know, average week. I still got a lot done to the point where if i'd have not slept on the last night I could have done a really awful painjob and mocked up some hands and made it however I figured that wasn't worth it. I didn't finish the Reaper but i did manage to scrabble togethor enough parts yo make it wearable.
Anyway, a new deadline is now set and the build continues with features being added back in.
So, the final days I worked alot on the elbow system and forearms.

Sorry about some of the photos, turns out my HDR was switched on, i've salvaged the ok ones and the rest got lost when my phone bricked.

I made myself some joints by cutting some PVC pipe and melting it to shape.

Adding some end caps and riveting them into place


I am using 2 PVC tubes for the hand cannisters, i've decied on having only one actual useable hand and the left hand will then hold the hammer over the shoulder. That means 2 different kinds of hand cannisters were needed. The left hand just has a handle but the right hand slides inside a drain connector so the entire hand cannister can swivel like a wrist, it will be hold in place by 3 plastic bearings. I've not reached that stage yet but it's nto far off. Also, the handle for the right hand is pvc pipe over a wooden dowel so my hand can slip in underneath it to carry the weight of the arm whilst the fingers are free for the articulation.



left arm attached to the elbow

Both arms on

Right arm with forearm on but without it's arm cannister

Left arm with forearm

Torso with a coat of watered down sealer ready for plastidip


This is a pile of the outer armour parts.

... my pics are a bit behind my build now. All main parts are sealed but they never got detailed in the rush to push it out early so they're going back in to be detailed, resealed and sanded again.

So, bear in mind that the only part finished on Reaper is the mask... the Hellfire Cannons and Dvas gun just got temporary paint jobs. That will all get re-worked.
The kids were happy for the day and I just wore last years costume :)


UPDATE: This is where it sits today... the outer armour is in a box after i cleaned up the garage after the mad rush to finish but the main parts are here

I'll most likely work on the outer armour chest or arm today. I'm looking forward to relaxing and getting some detail into it.

AUSTRALIAN TIP: If you are on Oz and are having trouble getting your hands on Kwikseal then might like to try something I discovered that may have some better features.

With this sealant I sealed all the big gaps, then with a wet finger shaped and smoothed the sealant. To make the area even nicer I got a wet Chux (cheap cloth) and smoothed it out more. I had a cup with water in it which I kept dipping into and it eventually became a thin paste. I started using more of the water/paste and eventually started sealing the entire part. As you can see on the packet, it's sandable and flexible. Now,
i'm still going to plastidip my parts but i did a test pert and even without plastidip spray paint took to the eva foam fine.
Also, it doesn't just wash off your hands when you're done, it forms a second skin over your hands and you have to peel it off, it's very resistant and extremely hard to get off ..so if it's doing that to your skin then my guess is it's doing that for the eva.
Anyway, happy discovery.
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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Are there any specific templates you used or did you make them yourself?

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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Are there any specific templates you used or did you make them yourself?

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There is no complete set of Rein parts anywhere. The main body is freely available with a quick google search. The 3d files for the Hammer and Shield I got from Patreon as well as the hand from another person but to be honest I could have done the hand freestyle but i wanted the accuracy. It was all taken into Armorsmith and unfolded for foam to my size so that he'll be 7'4" the same size as in game.
Even with the Pep files there's a metric ton of custom to get it to foam.
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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

I literally chuckled to myself while going through this cause it was so good
That is a very nice thing to say...really, you've made me smile :)

- - - Updated - - -

That Reinhardt build is looking amazing man! Keep up the good work :D
Thanks Hopli..shame we're not on the same continent or we could get some fine photos when we're both done.
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Time for an update. My new deadline is 16th June so from this day I have 25 days (if my maths is right).

Now i'm up to my favourite stage ... detail!

Since last we met I got some done, mostly yesterday and today.
Let's start with yesterday, I felt that to get the shape of the chest right that i need the centre piece so i decided to start with that, i'd also spent a metric ton of time thinking about the best way to do it.
So I start by cutting out some 2mm perspex, it's clear because when the lights are added this piece actually shines 3 colours so I figured if i bought clear then I could use the excess for something else, easyily get used for some visors or something.
I cut 1 circle and 2 side parts, i was hoping to have 1 circle and one ring but the ring wouldn't fit on one sheet as they're small (A4) so 2 parts it is and i'll have to hide the seams.

Then I cut out the Overwatch logo and 2 side panels out of a blue folder, my initial thought for this was to get some real lighting gels, but they'd not have the right blue and just about every single tutorial on the RPF suggests using coloured folders. So i do too... thank you blue folder, you are a nice shade of blue*

I plastidip the logo because that's the colour it will be in the end and I want to harden the foam a bit before shaping it to the dome thingy.

I saved the inner bits too... and the paint made a great stencil mark too.


I put togethor the semi-dome, burn my fingers multiple times

I flip it over and throw some packing sheet to defuse the lights.

Like this... < -holds it up to lamp.

The lights won't be as strong as this but it does show the seam really badly on the blue bit.. thinking will have to ensue.

Anyway, whilst i think about that it was time to crack onto other stuff to keep myself from procastinating.
So, I grab the shoulders and the detail parts and decide to finish A PART..just one. My intention was for the entire shoulder... we'll see!
The shoulders gave been thorwn around quite a bit and some seams are in need of some care, just because, as it's my first foam build, I didn't realise the the shiny side of the foam was treated/sealed and no glue will hold to it... so i have to go back in and send the interior in places to get some split seams to hold better. At this stage i'm starting to worry about the weight i guess i'll weigh it this week at my next fitting... and this time i''ll clean up some of the tail ends of the cable ties (those things ar sharp as. ..fa..fa..fa)
...i almost bled out after the last fitting. The scars are deep, very deep :(
Anyway, I digress .. I bought a small battery powered soldering iron a while ago on the cheap (LIFE TIP: Go to ebay look for the thing you want, sort by price, order,and wait for it to come from China) my main soldering iron was to unweildy to "draw" with and i need some sort of thing to burn the foam lines in,....so battery powered is small, cheap and hot enough to do the job and fel's a bit like a top happy pen. I'm hoping this will come in handy for the Lion logo on top of the hammer.
So I grab said heating device and attack the shoulder detail with a giant scar!
Amazing how we spend so much time making nice parts but the most satisfying bit is attacking them and making them look old!
Then all os them with variations

I start cutting really small 2mm foam details.


and use the same blue folder to cut some little parts for

I then cut some round parts for the shoulder roundy bits and detail them by heating up the end of a screwdriver socket with my hot air gun then pushing that onto the semi cricle to give it the right effect.

Then repeat the process

I then set them aside without gluing as the 'yellow' is the right colout..needs some weathering but is correct.

I respray all the parts with a coat of silver/chrome..nothing fancy just the $4 cheapy spray from the dollar shop.


These guys get masked and sprayed white then masked again and done in yellow

While stuff is drying I get to a piece of detail that requires a different material, aerated PVC, it's called different things in different countries ie.sintra but if you're anywhere else in the world then it may have another name but at the end of the day... it's aerated PVC :)
Basically this comes in a sheet, it can be cut with a craft knife, molds and molds under heat and sands like it's fine wood..it is the best product on the planet. I cut 2 parts then fold them into approx shape by applying heat... gloves are only necessary if you want to avoid, burns, scolds, death etc.


I then mask all the parts that are going to show trough as silver, chips scratches etc
After masking for areas where things will be hit/rubbed/scratched I hit it with the cheapest dark blue paint i can get my hands on. $4AUD... the part is already silver, it's masked it just needs the colour..so on goes the blue.

I then go over the top of $4 blue dark blue with Mr Super Expensive blue metallic paint $25 a can... this stuff is the shizzle.
So these parts have been sealed, plastidipped, silvered, masked for detailing, done dark blue, light spray of metallic blue. airbrushed a touch with black weathering .. left to dry.
And here is what we get

I'm happier with the blue parts but i'm in some second mind about the grey parts, i think i should have been more aggresive with the darker grey /... but we'll see.
Here is my favourite piece in details... I love how it looks like paint peeling off steel chassis. Although, the light is not picking up the silver so much... and this is a really metallic blue.

And finally, I put togethor the shoulder tab thingies... i've cut through the shoulder bells in the place where the lights will go and the blue will be glowing through from the lights underneath. Also, it doesn't quite get caught in the pic, but that's silver, then white, then, yellow, then black air brush... then rubbed back. There are some slight creases from rubbing away the masking but that can be fixed with heat..although i like it at the moment.. we'll see.

The hands are stenciled but not cut out..
The hammer is the same...
The shield is still digital... it will be an if but i am so looking forward to doing it!
Anyway, that's 100% up to date.
Look..i don't know how to do the thumbnails on this forum, I wish i did, and if someone knows the best way to post a thunb that leads to a detail, shot then please let me know.
In the meantime i'll post this shot...the blue folder part warped but is fixable... don't focus on that though :) focus on theway that paint has flaked offfff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I'm happy with this tiny bit

*a long time ago I worked for a little company called Hannah Barbera, and I was in a department called "inbetweening", animators there would scribble the motion of Scoob' or Shag' and listen to the voice track and write down which of the 5 mouths to use to emulate, the folder was then given to the "inbetweeners" because we drew all the pictures in between... and cleaned up their scribble :) ..so the animators would draw 3-4 drawings..and they were literally sketches, then muggins here would draw the 36 drawings that would make up those 3 seconds. Best job i've ever had :)

...and finally before i hit the sack...it's this skin..'Uprising'.. it is the best Rein skin, although I love them all.
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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Holy crap... these posts are a pleasure to read. So much info and pics. I like that skin. Believe it or not but it has been soooo long since I played the actual game lol.

Can't wait to see more parts painted, u got that color exactly right. Keep up the good work m8!

Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Holy crap... these posts are a pleasure to read. So much info and pics. I like that skin. Believe it or not but it has been soooo long since I played the actual game lol.

Can't wait to see more parts painted, u got that color exactly right. Keep up the good work m8!

Thanks man, I appreciate the comments :) .. I haven't played for a few days, i'm behind schedule in general probably because I play too much ..one more game it's always one more game.
I'll post today's work shortly, although it doesn't look like much.. masking and painting is time consuming. Thanks again for your comments.
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Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Loving this build sir! Keep it up - that's got to be the best color I've seen on a Reinhardt yet! Can't wait to see more!
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

Loving this build sir! Keep it up - that's got to be the best color I've seen on a Reinhardt yet! Can't wait to see more!
Aye carumba, high praise indeed! :) I can;t take credit for the colour that's the Overwatch design team's choice but it's definately my favourite skin. Thanks again for the hand files, unfortunately my 3d printer needs some love and isn't working at the moment... I sheared the nozzle off in the extruder whislt changing it out but i have another plan for the hands which as usual i'm procrastinating on whilst i think about how well it's going to work.

Anyway. only a small update today. Just a quick shot of some masked pieces.

And this is the codpiece unmasked and weathered.

Before I stick the parts to the shoulders and main chassis I need to spray alot of areas with a fake carbon fibre pattern, there's tons of tutorials on the web for this and they vary a little, some spray black first then dust with silver through the mat and some are silver then sprayed with black. The second method appears to work better. at least for my purposes.
So spray silver, lay down the mat and pin it down as flat as possible, spray directly down onto it, don't spray from an angle. then let it dry lift it off and dust over it with a light black to blend it a bit.
This is a piece masked, some of the pieces I have to do are very odd hard to reach spots but it doesn't have to be perfect as alot of this is actually covered in either parts or pipes.

This a the shoulder sprayed but not blended, as you can see the majority of theat area will be covered by the detail parts.

and final photo for today. Before I can spray the main chassis, i have to cut out the slots where the lighting will go and i'm just hoping this doesn't make the body less rigid. This was the first cut on the fuel nacelle.

So, as noted in the previous post it's a helmetless build. I still have most of the helmet 3d printed but as noted the printer is on the blink... I could do foam but this way I don't need the helmet. It did involve growing a beard that I don't normally have though, I have Rigid Collodian for the scar, a blind contact lens and some hair chalk and spray to get that platinum white look. I'm actually quite looking forward to doing a test of the makeup but i'll probably do that a week out from the end.

Plans for tomorrow, sleep in (i'm on night shift) then get the majority of the hands done and start the hammer.
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

The hands and hammer are ready to be cut out. In the meantime i've just been slowly painting things to move the build along a bit.
I masked off certain areas for the carbon fibre effect.

and put a light coat of silver where the scratches will be

more carbon

and this shot is up to date. The shoulders need the black weathering to darken the metallic blue a bit and then it needs rubbed back to show the scratches beneath. I've also dusted the carbon fibre to make it more black and less silver.

Also, i wasn't happy with the way the logo turned out, so i punched out the old one and saw my wife eating from a take away salad dish, the lid looked perfect shape and size. I will then cut the logo out of sintra and spray black and have it on the inside of the logo, the 2mm foam even though it was cut ok stretches to the glue so kind of warped it's shape.. it was ok, also this will solve the problem with the blue seam as there is no seam. 2mm foam will then go on the outside up to the edges of the logo.

Thank you for looking.
Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

I'm loving that carbon fiber effect man. Have to remember that for the future. Those shoulders look closed to being done, can't wait!

Re: Overwatch: Reinhardt, Reaper and a lil D.Va [pic heavy]

I'm loving that carbon fiber effect man. Have to remember that for the future. Those shoulders look closed to being done, can't wait!

Thanks man.
Yeah, pretty close.

They just need the lights put in, but the slots are already cut through and there's a couple of detail lines I need to burn in with the soldering iron and they should be close to being sealed.
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