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I've been around the forums here for a while but only recently made an account and with my current build I figured it was about time I start my own thread!

This build initially started almost a year ago however I only started making progress this summer. I stopped in order to finish other costumes for DragonCon this past Labor Day weekend. Now I'm back on the grind to hopefully finish in time for the Dreamhack Atlanta Cosplay contest.

I always loved Reinhardt because of his larger then life armor and probably because I hate myself a little and want always want a bit of a challenge. There are definitely some amazing Rein builders already. I chose the Crusader skin from his cinematic short for its great details and it's one of the few skins that he doesn't have a helmet on. Here are a few forums I keep going back to for inspiration and learning as I'm going through this build. I've almost completed the entire legs and have started working on the torso. With a month and a half to go I'm hitting hella con crunch time!

Overwatch: Reinhardt 'Uprising Skin' - FINISHED!

COMPLETE! "It's About Time!" Starcraft II Jim Raynor Armor *PIC HEAVY*

Sylgian's 40K Space Marine [Completed!]

I first started out by ripping the game models and importing it into Blender. From there I was able to export the selected armor pieces into Pepakura for unfolding. I then had a long process of moving cut lines and where parts separated in the Pepakura software. Then finally after scaling to life size I tested it in the ArmorSmith software and I was happy to find I could fit decently in it!

I wanted to start from the bottom up so the feet were first. I cut out all the patterns and created outlines of the feet in plywood. I covered the bottom with foam then separated at the toe bend for a nature step look. The feet outer shells were attached then hinges were placed to connect the two halves of the feet back together. I also found PVC flange 3D files for mounting. I knew I was going to make my stilts out of PVC so they were perfect. I did however have to scale them down since I was using 3/4" and they were originally meant for 1" PVC.
1" PVC Pipe Flange 3D files found here on Thingiverse

The next step was to create the stilts and shin parts that would surround them. From the ArmorSmith software I knew I was going to need 16" stilts for my head to be in the right spot above the torso. So I made a basic 4 leg pair of stilts with a back pieces that hugs my calf up to below my knee so I don't twist my ankles. I took some inspiration from how snowboard bindings work for keeping your feet locked in through your ankle. You'll also notice I used a fair amount of Kwik Seal to cover all the seam lines for the big odd shapes so far. Even though some of the parts of the shin will be covered since it is made of 3 layers I still wanted a clean overall look. Next up was the knee and as well I added a foot platform for the stilts I could stand on and attach straps to.

I need to take more pictures of my progress and will have that up by the end of the weekend!
Here I am more then a week later posting my next update.

I haven't been slacking though, just never been the best at posting on socials consistently but none the less. I've nearly completed the torso substructure and have finalized the lower leg sections. I've also almost completed the thigh armor minus some small detail pieces around the crests. Been trying to dodge the rain this time of year in Atlanta to glue up parts outside since I don't have a well ventilated shop room inside. It's a pain but gotta deal. Below are some more pictures with a little more explanation to them.


Above is the not super pretty looking boots and shins all assembled. The stilts have been strapped up. I've done a couple walking tests and I know my calves are gonna hate me when I wear the full suit but that's cosplay for ya! The front toe part articulated with hinges so it has a nice motion as I walk even though I'm just lifting the feet and stepping. It's a little daunting to suddenly be a foot and a half taller but it'll be fun when it's all together.


Here are the shin pieces nearly finished, minus a couple small detail pieces. I also took the opportunity to use the crest on the side of each thigh to use foam clay for the first time. Let me say it was actually really easy to work with. I don't really have any clay work experience yet, but as long as you have some water to help smooth out the foam clay it's great! You can also see that its stating to get a little tall. I need to still build out a cover to go around the knee area so you can't see my legs. I'll also still be able to step in and access the stilts through the thigh armor since it's so open up top.


Now to torso structure. The entire torso part actually includes the cod section which the first part is in the first picture above this. Then you can see the entire cod "giant diaper" upside down on the floor with all the other parts. I really need to have someone take a picture of me wearing it. It's crazy haha I've also started on some of the armor parts that are around the torso with their trim details I need to smooth out with my dremel on a dryer day. The last thing I need to finish gluing the structure together are the fuel cells surrounding the arm sockets.


For the fuel cells they looked like a two tiered egg-ish shape so I started their. Somehow it worked first try so I made a bunch more! They also all have lights in them, of course they're fuel cell things so I'm going to have the parts separated by a piece of Plastazote foam. Plastazote is light diffusing foam and super awesome to add to any foam parts you need lights in. That will be all together in the next couple of days and I will have pictures sooner then later. Also need to pick up another ream of card stock since I ran out and need to print the rest of my pep patterns. Hope this build is cool for some people out there!


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