Outland hits Blu-Ray on July 10th


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As per The Digital Bits (www.thedigitalbits.com) we will see an Outland Blu-Ray from a new, recently completed transfer on July 10th. I plan to keep my current DVD copy for posterity - future generations need to see how much we suffered.

Lord Boron

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I'm really looking forward to this! IMO a great movie that never seemed to get the respect it deserved and the old DVD is nearly unwatchable even by DVD standards. And a quick shout out to for Jerry Goldsmiths fantastic score. I HIGHLY recommend the Film Score Monthly expanded soundtrack for any fans of film music!

SSgt Burton

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Oh man! I've wanted to buy Outland on dvd for a long time (but never got around to ordering it). Glad I didn't!

I'll be picking up a copy the day it hits the shelves! :)


Mola Rob

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I've got the Super Grainy Ultra Crappy Unspecial Edition DVD that I will be glad to burn once I get the Blu.


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Wow. Now I feel old. I remember Outland as being one of the first movies I watched on HBO. My parents were late adopters. :lol